I’ve been traveling of late doing business reviews with my customers who are scattered around the continental US. Traveling is always a welcome, albeit challenging experience and I always learn something on every trip that I have the pleasure to attend. Something I’ve noticed on my recent journeys is just how obviously unhealthy the baby boomer generation is, especially those working the 9 – 5 grind. Beer guts galore, I have never seen such an unhealthy generation.

What does this mean? Well, a couple things. First, it shows me the importance of maintaining a semblance of a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain an acceptable appearance within the workplace and society. I don’t want to be overweight, do you? Looking good makes you feel good and what I’m starting to see is a lot of downtrodden middle aged boomers whose psychological well-being reflects the poor state of their bodies.

Next, I can see more and more how the rapidly aging boomers are going to be an enormous drag on America’s entitlement system. Their healthcare costs will skyrocket and social security likely won’t cover these bills. Taxing the young will be the outgrowth of this as the elderly will vote money into their pockets at the expense of generations to come. When the health of the older generation looks bleak you better bet the politicians will play on this to pick the pockets of the unborn but soon to be born.

In order to protect yourself from this you need to take care of yourself – eat decently, exercise, take nutritious supplements, the works. Next, protect your savings and start growing your topline either through career progression, investments, or starting a business. You better believe we’re approaching a two class system in the future and you’ll need to be rich in order for you and your family to prosper through. Take accountability and get wealthy now.

Lastly, be mentally prepared and stay positive. We know this is coming and dealing with certainty is far easier than dealing with uncertainty. Keep calm, plan, and live your life. Most of all, stay healthy for god sakes. In 20 years when I’m traveling I hope to god to see a decrease in beer guts worldwide.