Nothing Should Interrupt the Rise in Gold, Silver & Mining – Jordan Roy-Byrne Interview

Back on today is a gold/silver/mining technical analyst and market trader who is extremely bullish on this sector and he'll tell you why. January we saw a historic bottom for the metals & mining and since then it's been a wild ride. With the proper seasonality now in place, the end of 2016 is looking spectacular for gold/silver & mining stocks.

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02:00 Gold Broke $1,350 Key Level for New Highs in 2016
03:30 Mining Stocks really bullish into End of 2016
06:00 Recent Correction Incredibly Healthy and recovered
07:10 Gold as a Long-Term investment is Best Profit Strategy
08:15 January's Low was Historic; Huge Upside Remains
10:10 Could Rate Hike Derail Gold's bull market?
11:10 Real Interest Rates are Negative and Declining
14:30 Unsustainable Debt Levels: Helicopter Money Coming Next?
17:50 When to sell Gold Stocks: Trading the Market
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