Joshua Enomoto, Chief Trading Strategist at, was just interviewed on our site, and the current assessment that he has for the economy and our markets is nothing short of alarming.

Across the global spectrum, the situation looks bleak. Job reporting is dismal, with negative revisions in the forecasts and real numbers failing to meet expectations.

According to Joshua Enomoto, stocks right now are priced at levels extraordinarily high, based on what could occur in the most optimal scenario. The big money is speculating in an arena that is outright unpredictable and on the verge of a great deal of hurt.

In addition to ugly fundamentals, Joshua points towards something he is seeing in the charts of the major stocks markets across around the world, which is the infamous "death cross." This is a technical indicator that is showing a clear reversal in the overall trend in the market, and virtually all major markets around the world are seeing this bearish signal.

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