Either this Metal Rises or There Will be World Chaos, Says Rick Rule:

GUEST: TheMoneyGPS.com

01:55 Out of Control National Debt, Debt to GDP Ratio over 100% and Only Increasing from here
04:20 Chinese Economy Slowing Down, will be Tipping Point for World Collapse
07:35 How Long will this Crisis Play Out, Can the Can be Kicked for Years?
10:00 Official Unemployment at 5%; Youth Severely Underemployed
14:00 Fiat Money, What about Gold & Silver?
17:05 Bailouts are out of Style, Bail-In's can be Spun as Tax on Rich
22:00 Why we won't See Gold Confiscation Again
24:35 Are Gold & Silver on the Rise or can Cartel Manipulate it Back Down?

Our last Interview with David from January 28, 2016:

World Turmoil Reaching Breaking Point, Oil Crash, World Depression, WW3? – David Quintieri

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