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02:50 Current Bitcoin Market Prices
03:50 Businesses Soon to Pay Out in Bitcoins
05:00 Bitcoin Price Floors
08:40 Now Compared to $1,000 Price in Late 2013, More Transaction Demand
12:20 Limitations of Current Fiat System
13:50 Blocksize Debate Coming to an Agreement?
18:10 Miners Agreement to Increase Transaction Capacity of Blockchain
19:30 Block Reward Halving to Increase Price
23:10 Is Bitcoin Price Manipulation Possible?
28:00 Are Central Banks Desperate to Maintain Status Quo?
32:00 Banning Cash & Negative Interest Rates in Future
33:30 Trace's Advice for the Future, War on Cash, Price Controls

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Bitcoin Will End the Federal Reserve Currency Monopoly

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