Mine Closures Could Cause Zinc Prices to Soar

Read Our Special Alert on This Junior Who is Sitting on $9 Billion in Zinc (EQ)... and Counting

  • In less than 12 months, this junior is looking to more than double the resource of their current 40 million tons, which will drive up dramatically their $9 billion in zinc already established.
  • The former co-president of Barrick Gold (the largest gold producer in the world) just signed on to this management team as the President and CEO!
  • With resource stocks in a bull market, this could be the perfect lottery ticket play for early investors to expose themselves to the convergence of a large deposit, all-star management, and upside from major zinc supply deficits!

My Number One Zinc Sector Pick of 2016:

Arizona Mining Inc. (TSXV: AZ & US: WLDVF)

Arizona Mining Inc - Banner

Arizona Sitting on World Class Assets - AZDear Reader,

The zinc supply is facing a massive deficit. Mine closures are certainly putting major upward pressure on this metal.  Right now, China has temporarily shut down 26 of its mines until June of 2017. In 2015, Europe saw its 2nd-largest zinc mine, Lisheen, shut down, along with Australia's largest zinc mine, Century, which has taken massive amounts of supply off the market, along with Glencore curtailments.

In late 2015, Nyrstar, the world’s largest zinc producer, said it would consider reducing its zinc concentrate output by a further 400,000 tons per year! China, who is the largest importer of silver and who has been increasing its imports of zinc due to dwindling domestic supply, has seen imports rise 48% this year.

Zinc Inventories at Lowest Levels Since 2009

Zinc Weekly Investory & LME Prices - Arizona Mining Inc.

The fundamentals for zinc are extremely favorable, given the expected supply deficit of 420,000 tons in 2016,
widening to 500,000 tons for the following two years.

Zinc, right now, is like a beach ball being held under water, and that is exactly the reason why RBC is estimating that by 2019, it will be 50% higher, at $1.50 per pound, than where it is now, at around $1.00.

Zinc Price Forecast to Increase as a Result

Zinc Price Forecasts to Increase as a Result - Arizona Mining Inc

This has certainly caught my attention, but more importantly, it has caught the attention of Barrick Gold's (largest gold producer in the world) now former co-president, Jim Gowans, who has turned his attention to zinc -- and more importantly, Arizona Mining...

After analyzing the incredible resource AZ is sitting on, and the convergence of fundamentals between the supply/demand statistics and timing in the market, he left Barrick Gold and took on Arizona Mining as its new President and CEO.

Talk about a real endorsement for this incredible mining stock...

Zinc's Next Major Beneficiary Has a World-Class Asset (Taylor Deposit)

Taylor Deposit - Arizona Mining IncIn a world that is screaming for more zinc, Arizona Mining is sitting on an asset with 40 million tons at 11%. This isn't just low-grade zinc, either. Most good deposits are 5-7% grades, and their 40 million tons are at 11%, double what would be considered "good" when evaluating a zinc deposit.

According to management, by as early as the first quarter of 2017, Arizona Mining could be looking to more than double their already sizeable 40 million tons, with targets to be at 80-100 million tons in the near future, a move that will take this company from great, to an anomaly.

As the company continues to expand, some of the grades they are seeing are coming in as high as 47%, which will mean substantially more zinc per ton, it will be cheaper to produce, and more money added to their bottom line.

Just to put this into perspective, 40 million tons at 11% translates to 8.8 billion pounds of zinc. At current zinc prices, this values their resource at roughly $9 billion. Considering the company is going to be more than doubling their high-grade resource, the numbers are massive. For EACH PENNY that gets added to the zinc price, that will literally be hundreds of millions of dollars added to their bottom line!

As I pointed out earlier, RBC estimates zinc is off to $1.50 by 2019.

Oh, and by the way, Arizona's Taylor Deposit also contains 235 million ounces of silver resources at current estimates. It’s just icing on the cake that they ALSO have $4.7 billion worth of silver, at $20 per ounce.

Taylor Deposit Mineral Resources

Arizona Mining is sitting on world-class assets and, in fact, aside from the majors, they are the only junior sitting on an asset of this magnitude.

Assets - Arizona Mining IncJust to give you an idea of what sort of monster-sized deposit this is, BHP’s largest zinc property is Broken Hill. It’s the number-one lead-zinc deposit in Australia, and they are sitting at 200 million tons.

Red Dog, a zinc project which was one of the bases of success for Teck Resources, is sitting on 150 million tons.

In less than 1 year, Arizona Mining is looking to more than double their 40 million tons to 80 to 100 million tons, and could very well own a deposit that goes on to be in the top 5 in all of mining history!

Getting in early and allowing these successes to play out is exactly how to fully participate in the growth of this incredible story!

All-Star Management Could Make Investors a Fortune

Having the right people, solid projects, and great underlying company fundamentals are crucial when being a disciplined stock picker. After following the work of Richard Warke and Jim Gowans for years now, it could not excite me more to have the opportunity to own a stake in this massive undertaking.

Richard WarkeRichard W. Warke, Executive Chairman: Founder of Arizona Mining. Richard was also the founder and Chairman of Ventana Gold Corp., which was sold for C$1.533 billion, and Augusta Resource Corporation, which was sold for C$666 million. He has more than 25 years of experience in corporate finance and marketing in the global resource industry, and has been involved in raising over $1 billion in equity for resource companies. He knows how to create REAL shareholder value.

James Gowans -President & CEOJames Gowans, President and CEO: Mr. Gowans was formerly Co-President of Barrick Gold Corporation from July 2014 to August 2015, and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer from January to July 2014. Recent prior roles include Managing Director of Debswana Diamond Company (Pty) Ltd., President and Chief Executive Officer of De Beers Canada Inc., Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of International Nickel Indonesia Tbk PT, and Executive Vice President at Placer Dome Inc. Mr. Gowans has more than 30 years in the resource sector.

***With this management team, a world-class deposit, and favorable supply/demand fundamentals, owning shares of AZ is hardly speculating. If a sure thing existed,
this would be the closest thing to it.***

I can tell you that seeing what is going on with this trend is nothing short of jaw-dropping upside. Arizona Mining is in the right spot, brings to table a terrific management team, has a world-class project, and is on their way to being a go-to name people turn towards in the zinc space.

In a period where supply shortages are expected to climax, opportune investing could not be any greater than what we have here with Arizona Mining. Strategic timing and partnering with guys like Jim Gowans and Richard Warke could play out big for early investors, and it won't be my readers that miss out on this enormous trend.

8 Reasons to Immediately Consider Shares of Arizona Mining!

Drilling - Arizona Mining Inc

  • AZ is the only junior of its kind with a project of this magnitude. Projects of this size are typically in the hands of majors.
  • Former President of the largest gold producer in the world, Barrick Gold, just signed on as President and CEO in January 2016.
  • Zinc supply is at its lowest levels since 2009.
  • Company carries ZERO debt.
  • Management has a winning track record and has sold two companies in the last 5 years, with a combined valuation of $2.2 billion.
  • With zinc currently at $1 per pound, RBC has given a price target of $1.50 per pound. Keep in mind that with each penny the zinc price goes up, that is tens, and potentially hundreds of millions, of dollars added to AZ's bottom line, especially after they more than double their resource.
  • Company has a sizeable silver resource of 235 million ounces.
  • Great jurisdiction. Arizona is one of the most mining-friendly states in the U.S.

If you want leveraged upside to the massively bullish fundamentals for zinc, immediately consider shares of Arizona Mining (TSX: AZ & US: WLDVF)

Prosperous Regards,
Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor, CrushTheStreet.com


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