With the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden, there has been a sense of pride and patriotism that has come over the United States and in the hearts of many Americans. A fight that was sparked by the attack on the twin towers approximately 10 years ago. As stated in prior emails, this year has turned out to be a year of epic global news and we are witnessing history that will be referenced for many years to come.
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In a time of global unrest and economic uncertainty, American pride is something that has dwindled as many have questioned the leadership of our expanding government and what is taking place throughout the financial debacle this country has and will continue to face. This milestone in our history is definitely something that we can cheer for and take some time to remember our fallen victims who were directly impacted during the events on 9-11 and maybe regain a bit of unity to take on the tasks at hand. 






Osama bin Laden was someone that we had to understand before we were able to defeat. As put in the short clip posted on our site, he wasn’t someone that just lived in the rocks jumping from cave-to-cave. He was a warrior, strong leader, and was committed to his goal of destroying America and what the western world stands for. He understood the position that the U.S. and the world were going to be in as we engaged him in warfare and used our own system to work against us. 



As a result of this weekend’s occurrences, the economy in the short term still doesn’t know how to react. Some investors are optimistic about the elimination of the biggest terror threat icon being out of the picture. And some are weary about future retaliatory attacks from Al Qaeda.   



Middle East Oil



Ruben Vardanian, chief executive of the Moscow-based asset management company Troika Dialog Group believes that Osama’s death will stir more instability in the Middle East and only cause oil prices to continue to rise. Being that we were already bullish in oil, this is only more fuel to the fire in our opinion. In the article below, it is mentioned that if oil rises another 20%, the U.S. could see another double dip. 



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Recession pic 



This year has not been short of tragic and shocking news. The volatility in global markets are uncertain. Understanding and focusing on long term trends is crucial for peace of mind and certainty in volatile markets.



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