The most remarkable thing about civil unrest is that there hasn’t been more of it.


Interestingly enough, the worse financially and politically countries get, the more protests and disruptions that take place out in the street. Civil unrest, also referred to as civil disorder or civil strife, typically comes from an uproar of angry people wanting change. In many situations the ultimate goals and outcome of the protests are not always agreed upon and an orderly organized movement is hard to achieve.


Many countries have experienced uproars from their people because of their faulty governments and economies. It’s no wonder that we are seeing major uprisings in Greece. Considering we’re talking about westernized nations, people have come to expect actions and results from the government, which is why entitlement demands are becoming a huge component to the movement in Europe now. 



Civil unrest occurs when anger, frustration, or fear turn out of order on a giant scale. It also can occur when unwarranted tyrannical crackdowns from the government begin happening and civilians revolt.


Members of were discussing the many wild cards that could spur major civil unrest in the cities of America. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t take much for a massive number of people to get to the point where they aren’t getting their basic needs met and will do so by any means necessary. For barbaric situations, there are no such things as rules and people acting accordingly to meet their needs. Imagine what is going to happen if unemployment gets cut back down to 6 months, or welfare gets rationed and taken away, social security for millions be decreased on large scales. Although we feel that these are necessary steps America should go through to get out on top, there will inevitably be pain on the street. Of course more likely what we will see is the government continuing its reckless spending, entitlements, and militarism that will one day bring about a currency collapse that may not be recoverable. Even worse, if some sort of attack occurred that The mobs will hit the street and if not to demand more help and dependency from the government, but to steal from their neighbor to put food on the table.


Be Prepared


The main thing we are trying to do is warn and prepare people for such a disaster that threatens you and the ones that are close to you. We’ve put a list together of some basic essentials that everyone should have to be able to get through a period of 3rd world riots in the streets of New York, or where ever it is that you live.


Food and water storage: In a disaster, such as the one we are predicting, the only people who are going to be prepared are Mormons and us doomers because we are preparing. The minimum food storage that everyone should have should be a 1 months supply. To be sure that you will get through any extended period of chaos and civil eruptions, 3-6 months of supply would be even more sufficient.


The more independent from the city the better: The system is what we anticipate to implode. Hence, if you are not dependent on the system and you can break away by being self sufficient by growing your own crops, raising animals, and even producing energy.


Protection: What good is having all of these things without it directly benefiting you and your family? If you have something that’s worth keeping, it’s worth fighting for in case mobs of people attacking what you’ve worked so hard to store. Somehow you are going to need a way to protect your home and belongings from the mobs. The Korean’s were on the rooftops with guns during the L.A. riots protecting their stores. During unrest you are on your own and all bets are off. 


Emergency Medical Kits: There are no guarantees during this sort of crisis, the odds of having access to doctors, hospitals, and medical care will be slim to none and it will be important to have at least some of the basics to get through periods of disruptions. Simple medical supplies would be in order such as bandages, rubbing alcohol, and basic cold and flu medicines that could get you and your family too.


Keep an open mind: Don’t fall into a state of complacency and think that it will never happen in my area and that there is no need to think along these lines. It is precisely for this reason that there will be mass chaos and destruction because people will not be prepared and the masses will be panicking and begin to act like animals. If there was a true concern for the state of economic climate, people would be preparing and they would be ready for extended periods of system failures.  


Have exposure to gold and other assets that will most likely be the backing of currencies to come. Not only will it be protection against the debasement of the currency, but it’s literally like investing in the “banking” of the future. It really is an interesting concept when you think of it that way with room for growth in undiscovered industries.


Market Update…


The markets have been going up on hot air and worn out hype. Hopefully everyone feels wealthier now that their 401k is up and their wealth has risen so that they can go out and stimulate our economy. With recent news of more ways to fund Europe’s problems and Gaddafi’s farewell, a celebration on Wall Street was in order.


Thanks for nothing, so you are telling us that nothing has changed… Exactly!


Happy early Halloween everyone, in case you didn’t have anything to put a chill down your spine, the U.S.’s national debt is supposed to exceed 100% of GDP. We’re so used to our government growing so quickly that adding 1.5 trillion annually should be getting more and more palatable for people now…


As we’ve pointed out in prior articles, Japan seems to be a pretty clear model for what we are likely to see here in America and we are looking at doubling our debt over the next 7-10 years just like they had done. The hope is that we see a true fiscal conservative get elected and start slashing spending so this would not be the case. Don’t hold your breath…


James Turk of Goldmoney tells King World news that the true price of gold should be around $11,000. That’s exciting news for people who are looking for some real long term preparation.


Government Bailouts


William Dudley of the New York Federal Reserve suggested that the central bank might begin purchasing mortgage-backed-securities again to stimulate the economy, which was actually followed up by Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen that another bond-buying program might be in order. Sure, in order if we want to be in an indefinite depression.


Wall Street is worrying about another credit downgrade. Wall Street banks are concerned that if the Joint Select Committee on deficit Reduction doesn’t come together by 11-23, there will be another credit downgrade and more panicking in the market. We will have to see.


In the meantime, get prepared and do what you can to stay ahead in the times when so many others will fall behind.


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“History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives” –Andre Gide


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