As for yesterday, could Bernanke of signaled any more uncertainty or what for this economy? There is no doubt the Federal Reserve is being more transparent than they have ever been, I mean that was their goal right? Fed chairman did toss around the factors that were contributing to the slowdown of the economy including higher gas and food prices. He mentioned three headwinds including the financial sector, housing market, and consumer balance sheets. Along with that, he attributed other global catastrophes that have made an impact on the global economy. Definitely take the time to watch the press conference if you haven’t done so already. The entire press conference is currently posted on



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We have strategically waited for this upcoming weekend to present our latest pick to our subscribers. With Fed’s meeting and slight uncertainty with the markets, we decided to wait until this weekend to release this HUGE pick. We are really excited about this new pick, in fact the geologist for this company has worked with a company that has a 2.02B market cap. There is so much to say about this company and we are looking forward to telling the whole story very soon. Definitely stay tuned!



The world has seen so many events during 2011, making this year nothing short of historic to say the least. Everything from a number of major natural disasters, to financial crisis, scandals, etc. The times are unstable and the potential for these events to violently drive stock prices is a threat that individuals need to look out for. Much of the profits that could potentially be made are going to result from momentum trades



Today, the market opened up down with stocks negatively reacting with unemployment compensation rising 9000 and initial jobless claims revised upwards to 420,000. The Fed yesterday, cut its forcast for growth in the economy from 3.2% down to 2.8%.



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