Gold is acting like gold!!! With uncertainty on the rise, we see gold hitting all-time highs as individuals wait on actions taken by congress to deal with the debt ceiling. The deadline is August 2nd, which is less than a month away. The feeling that something drastic by the U.S. government would not be very surprising at this point. Already we are seeing the effects of the dependency that the economies have on artificial stimulus with increases in unemployment and wavering stocks. We’ve seen gold cross 1,600 dollars an ounce and is on a steady run heading towards 2,000 and more.


Atlanta Federal Reserve, Video Here!!!

The big news in the business world is debt ceiling talk and the government’s action to get involved. According to Dennis Lockhart, President of the Atlanta Federal Reserve, he along with his counterparts in government are on hold to see how the economy will respond to see if further stimulus will be required to keep healthy steady growth in the economy. Well, not too sure if its been fundamentally healthy and steady to say the least, but at least something to fire-up Wall Street and put smiles on everyone’s face.

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Dems Vs. Rep

With the raging war that is going on in congress today between the republicans and democrats, the likelihood of any major drastic changes are slim to none. With Republicans focused on reforming entitlements and democrats taxing the “wealthy,” there is a gridlock in Washington that will come to a point where actions by the leaders don’t matter because the system will fail no matter what is proposed. The question we have is why does it take calamity and disaster for politicians to act prudently and be responsible with the tax dollars of the American people? There’s no way that in a fiscally responsible person’s life that they are wheeling and dealing the way the government spends. Shrinking the government and making sound financial decisions to stimulate real growth in the economy is vitally important and is not being done. We suppose that it has to do with the fact that it’s taxpayers’ dollars and not their own. There is a conflict of interest for the leaders in government and doing what is best for our economy long-term because the actions they take are to paint a rosy picture for the time they are in office and not for the good of the whole.


Estimations were made about how much each job created with government actions actually costs, and the number was between $225,000 and $600,000 depending on where you look. Even on the low end conservative side, the number is way too high. Truthfully, the money would have been spent more effectively and efficiently in the hands of Americans and that would more than likely have actually stimulated more job growth, but either way, the fact is the stimulus is dependent on government. Just like the growth is contracting, so will all interventions by an oppressive bloated government. What’s worse about all the money that we’ve “invested” into all these jobs is that the money will go to waste and more “investments” will need to be made.

Over the past few weeks, we saw many plans and proposals to have some sort of balanced budget before they vote and raise the debt ceiling. The fear is that without a major intervention by our friends in government and failure to raise the debt ceiling, the world would be tossed into a severe recession with stocks falling, interest rates rising, and a major contraction in all that has been “accomplished” thus far. Ben Bernanke has already shared that a failure to raise the debt ceiling would be calamitous for the economy. We would like to see actions taken by our government that resemble actions taken by some of the greatest leaders in the early 1920’s when we were headed towards a Great Depression. Men like Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge did nothing to spur the economy and the economy boomed throughout the 20’s. The problem of course is that our fall is going to be drastic since we’ve already climbed so high and have done enough damage even if we were to allow the economy to correct itself on its own… But sooner than later is key.

It’s interesting to hear individuals say that today, we aren’t in the same situation that we were in when we needed QE1 or QE2. The argument is that we were headed for deflation and the economy wasn’t growing the way it is growing now. thinks the economy is as bad and if not worse than it was last November. There are so many factors that could trigger major financial collapses now with a debt crisis issue, European problems, inflation, unemployment, and a loss in hope in the fiat currency system. We don’t understand how could a few stimulus jobs and a blip in our stock market costing trillions of dollars make people feel secure about the future of the economy.

Gold in Vault


We have been telling our readers for sometime now that gold and silver are the ways to position yourselves to be able to profit off of the mistakes and poor leadership of the government. Even though we don’t agree with fiscal irresponsibility, we sure will try and profit from it–and we have! With gold hitting new highs and silver on the uptrend, increasing our wealth has never been so predictable. By no means do we think it’s over. The collapse is more drawn out and more expansive than anyone could have imagined and there’s much more that needs to take place before there’s a more enticing investment that we will want to put our money in.

Most of the reasons stated above are bullish for both gold and silver, but don’t forget that when you invest in silver, you are investing in something that is being consumed and will someday run out. As long as this is the case, silver will continue to increase in value and the silver to gold ratio will begin to close. Expect the bubble talk on gold through the eyes of conventional wisdom and mainstream media to continue.

Congratulations for being part of a movement that goes against the grain of everyday propaganda and be encouraged to think for yourself. Don’t be part of the system, lets be ahead of it!!!

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(Jan 10, 2008) “The Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession.” -Ben Bernanke

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