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With gold hitting new highs, some are calling for a pop that will “correct” its current price downwards. Of course this is conventional thinking and we couldn’t disagree more with this mentality. Gold is currently at $1540.86 and we believe that the return on gold will be huge because there are still major upward corrections that gold still needs to see. A major reason to hold physical gold and gold related securities these days is the ever growing global debt crisis that has a price tag that is only scheduled to balloon as countries continue to default. The day of reckoning is bound to happen that will make the panic in 2008 seem like a walk in the park, and only this time, metals will be seen as a safe haven and the dollar will be in full crash mode. In other words, the party isn’t over for those that are still looking for a great opportunity to be in front of a huge trend.



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Shadow Stats May2011 


The inevitability of another financial crisis is imminent. There is no way our economy can sustain the fluff, and main street suffering is not going to be something that will be fixed overnight. In fact, we believe that it will get worse before it even gets close to getting better. QE2 is coming to a screeching halt and the stock market is already in a backpedal. Beware of QE3 and any other imitation in our near future. Last week the numbers were not as rosy as forecasted and confidence across America was shaken. Official unemployment rose from 9% to 9.1% in May alone. Something interesting to note is that U6 unemployment, the closer representation of the actual situation on the streets, is actually at 15.8% as reported by the BLS. These numbers can be contrasted in the chart included above. Unfortunately, the fake numbers that the government is reporting are the numbers that are controlling the economy’s short term mood. Understanding the bigger picture is end game thinking, and those who think accordingly will not be emotionally tossed around getting high on government pump–prepare accordingly!!!      





Ron Paul is someone who has been talking about gold for such a long time, who has been laughed at and discounted, but has gained a tremendous amount of support over the last few years due to his strict constitutional libertarian viewpoints that are appealing to more and more people across the board. As policies fail, Americans are getting more restless and in desperate need for a change in the current Keynesian model that plagues our society. Dr. Ron Paul has already made such an impression on so many people and his message is spreading dramatically as the crisis continues to drag on. What’s ironic about this whole global financial disaster is that as the situation gets more extreme, people begin to look for more extreme alternatives.



On our front-page, next to our featured union video, you can see Ron Paul back in 2008 during the presidential debate where the mediator directs a question in a condescending way to him and he sharply responds. He wittingly appeals to the American public with his genuine desire for freedom, liberty, and sound policy.



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“We need to understand the more government spends, the more freedom is lost… Instead of simply debating spending levels, we ought to be debating whether the departments, agencies, and programs funded by the budget should exist at all.” -Ron Paul



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