It is safe to say that people are pissed off and want change. America and the world for that matter are sick and tired of seeing high unemployment, jobs disappearing, and a lack of HOPE AND CHANGE! Most people can agree on the same goals such as jobs, good economy, affordable healthcare, housing, etc. However, Occupy Wall Street has become an uproar of again, CONVENTIONAL THINKERS who believe that all of the issues and lack of recovery and fraud in the system is due to businesses and banks. It started on September 17, 2011, with groups of people pitching tents in front of the New York Stock Exchange. These protestors seem to not get that they are protesting against the wrong people and should be directing their efforts down the street at the Federal Reserve in New York. The mentality that many of the “occupiers” have is essentially it was capitalism that put us into this mess and it’s capitalism that’s keeping everyone from getting out. This mindset has captured thousands of people and the masses are now angry at the symptom and not the disease.


Occupy Wall Street 


First of all, to clear up any confusion that might be out there, the corrupt banks would not have gotten as big on their own in a true free market economy. The free market would have drowned these reckless banks making unsustainable loans long before Occupy Wall Street attempts to do. But it was the government and Federal Reserve who stepped into the picture to condone the actions of the big banks and reward their reckless behavior. In case you never knew or don’t remember in 2008, Bank of America received 15B in bailout funds, Wells Fargo received 25B in bailout funds, JP Morgan received 25B in bailout funds, Citigroup received 25B in bailout funds, Morgan Stanley 10B in bailout funds, and Goldman Sachs received another 10B in bailout funds, along with many more banks who were bailed out for a lack of responsibility. Of course since then, we’ve heard of all the bonuses and lavish expenditures the top management were getting with the bailout money while taxpayers and former taxpayers are losing their jobs and their livelihood. Who was responsible for this? It’s hard to blame the people being handed the money, but rather the ones who are stealing it and then doling it out. 


Occupy the Fed, a group led by Alex Jones, the Oathkeepers, and other conservatives are specifically targeting the Federal Reserve. Both the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy the Fed are two sides of the same coin. The masses seem to be flocking to these Occupy Wall Street rallies globally and are aimlessly directing their anger towards organizations and institutions whose sole purpose is to make money rather than the government who wastefully redirects, redistributes, and vaporizes the hard work and labor of its citizens. Both groups are angry and outraged at the problems in the world, but Occupy the Fed are actually going after the disease and not the symptom.


At a protest in Manhattan the loonies of Occupy Wall Street were chanting “How to fix the deficit: End the war, TAX THE RICH.” Interestingly enough, the organizers of Occupy Wall Street will make their money and “capitalize” on the masses that are supporting, as ironic as that sounds! is very confident the more extreme the economy gets, the more extreme the warfare will become. People will polarize to opposite extremes of the spectrum because of the dysfunction that they are being faced with.




For the polar good of society, Ron Paul has built up more and more support for his message. His warnings are happening and the call to action is now. His economic plan that will be released Monday afternoon is calling for a lower corporate tax rate, cutting spending by 1 trillion in his first year in office, and eliminating 5 cabinet-level agencies, including the Department of Education. Now that’s going to be extreme for America and exciting for those who would like to restore the republic. He gets down to the nitty gritty by saying he is going to cut the Federal workforce by 10% and limit the presidential salary down to just under $40,000 as opposed to their current dictator salary of $400,000. He even wants to give people 25 and under the option to opt out of social security. It would be a step in the right direction to steer this country to become a free society. Our hope is that people will wake up and not blame capitalism, and small government for the problems on Wall Street but vote for real change in the months ahead. 



Just some shocking facts we came across:


America’s income has dropped 10% in the past four years since October 2007 when the market peaked.


U.S. money supply has tripled in the last 2.5 years and has gone up by 28% in just the last quarter.


Americans are 7 trillion dollars poorer than they were 4 years ago, but the gap between rich and poor continues to grow


Just like the 1960’s were known for their race riots and social protests, the 2010’s are shaping up to be a decade of global economic riots. Civil unrest will occur, BE PREPARED!

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Conservatism is a hard choice for a society that has become accustomed to big government and big entitlements promoted by liberals– Jesse Helms


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