Here are the BEST videos of 2011, all still very relevant, unconventional, and hard hitting.

We recommend everyone to take the time to watch these videos and share them with your friends and family.


This video is amazing, it shows you just how manipulated the U.S. markets are. If you purchased silver at the COMEX open and sold at the close for the past several years, you would have gotten crushed, even though the price is up by a few hundred percent. However, if you would have only purchased after the COMEX closed and sold just before the open, you would have done far better than the normal silver market.



Anyone who has ever thought that the ‘plan’ of conventional wisdom is a scam, needs to watch this video. This video is hard hitting, fast paced, and takes you through your entire life, only through the eyes of the government. We promise you, you will NOT be disappointed that you watched this 4 minute video.



Chris Martenson has some of the best research and analysis out there and this presentation is no different. This one is from last month and is a must see for all, it’s a full macro-economic analysis of what our future will look like, everyone needs to know this information so you can plan and prepare accordingly.



Look, for those who are worried about the day to day moves in the gold market, this video covers the outlook for the next decade. A must see for all gold investors and savers.



Eric Sprott knows when he is getting screwed, especially when it comes to silver. Eric runs the silver ETF PSLV, which as of yesterday had a 24% premium. When it comes to holding physical silver through your brokerage account, this is about the only thing you can trust, and as you can see, in order to actually have the silver, it comes at cost. Unlike the JP Morgan ETF SLV, which continues to lose value against the actual spot price. In this interview, Eric covers the hard facts about the physical silver supply and why he sees much higher prices in the near future.



This is it, 2012 will be the Ron Paul election. If elected he can, without the help of congress, abolish the income tax, restore the 4th amendment, and restore the balance of power in D.C. However, if he is not elected, he will still be a major factor since anyone who decides to vote for Ron Paul will never be able to go back and just vote for your everyday politician who promises to rob your neighbor or reduce your freedoms all in the name of helping you. So win or lose, Ron Paul will have the biggest impact on the 2012 election.



Without a doubt the most exciting video of the year, a must watch for all! What happens if silver crashes like it did in 2008? Watch this video to find out. wishes you a successful New Year! Expect great things for 2012, especially for the prepared mind.

Opt-out of conventional wisdom!