has come across one of the biggest opportunities that we have seen in a long time. In our opinion, this one will be huge. We came across this company recently and could not wait to present it to our members. The company that we will be profiling this weekend will be in our opinion a long term winner and we want to encourage those of you who are not already liquid to prepare for a ride. This company has absolutely no debt and is being ran by an individual with some SERIOUS credentials. You are definitely going to want to check this one out!!! Everything you would want in a solid investment is in this company. Stay tuned for this weekend’s release!!!
Disclaimer: staff currently does not hold any positions in this company, however, after we present this company to our members this weekend, we plan on purchasing shares and will likely make this company our largest position.


Video: Europe’s Lack of Results came across a great video that goes over the latest in Europe’s “resolutions.” You will see in this video how what is going on in Europe is prolonging worse ramifications and delaying the inevitable. The banks are being provided liquidity so they can continue doing what it was in the first place that got them into this whole mess. The world is becoming slaves to debt. Europe is leading the way and no matter what they say, short-term economic injections will not solve the grand problem.