Turning to the government for answers has never really been the American way. In fact, this country was founded and brought about by a group of people who hated what the government was doing so much they risked it all to stand for their beliefs. After the Revolutionary War, when America actually did break away from taxation without representation, it created a government so small and so limited that people in this country were free and liberated to create something big. Since then, this country has thrived and has become the greatest country in the world and yes, it was because of small government, capitalism, and entrepreneurial spirit. As a result of such growth, our own government has began creeping its way back into people’s lives and starting to do exactly what this country fought so passionately to get away from. 


Dream Act



How’s this for taxation without representation? In California, Governor Jerry Brown passed the second part of the Dream Act which now allows illegal aliens to qualify for state financial aid to attend college. Not to even mention how much more expensive college tuition is going to be as a result of this for the individuals who are actually going to have to pay. It’s mind boggling to think how corrupt our system can be that the government is now engaging in their own charity effort to take from one citizen and hand it to others who aren’t even from this country and paying taxes into the system. It’s horrible stewardship of the people’s money. Unfortunately the government is perfectly fine with financially raping its citizens with no regard for the best interests of the future. You don’t really hear too much news about Mexico or Canada rewarding illegal broke Americans to cross their borders and jump on their welfare train, but you can bet the news about California’s handouts will be getting around and only encouraging more illegal activity. Could you imagine if Fox News announced that Mexico is now taking their taxpayers’ money to provide assistance to their illegal American population and started handing out silver dollars to each who have requested assistance? There would likely be a flood of doom and gloomers hiding assets, quitting their jobs, and taking advantage of this “MAGNET” scenario. Why not, if the opportunity presented itself?!


Former Governor Pete Wilson of California shares his thoughts on the Dream Act.


Euro Crumbling



Watching Europe is scary now-a-days since we know how economically progressive that region has been and how bad their situation has imploded on itself. Greece, a country with an enormous amount of handouts and entitlements with little to no production, is a foreshadow of what America is going to see as it continues to derail. President Obama made a comment that firmly proclaimed that the greatest challenge that the American economy is currently facing is uncertainty about Europe. Of course it’s nothing that he’s doing or responsible for, but if Europe gets their house in order America and the rest of the world would live happily ever after. It will be interesting to see how Europe continues to manage their union and their currency. Being that Greece is about ready to default and others to follow, decisions on how to stick together and not break apart their currency will be questions to follow. What is slightly hopeful is that from Europe’s point of view, America still has a chance to get our situation in order before we get as bad as they are. Maybe they haven’t heard that California just passed the Dream Act and is leading America right in their footsteps. 




Unemployment USA



As a result of the European/financial mess, Wall Street is looking at cutting another 10,000 jobs by the end of next year. This will be more devastation and turmoil for New York as it would bring the total number of jobs lost in this industry up to 32,000. President Obama is currently discussing and trying to extend unemployment benefits for individuals who have lost their jobs. Currently it’s at 99 weeks and will be coming to an end December 31, 2011 if no extension is allowed and revert back to 6 months. Estimates are showing that if no extension comes, by mid-February there will be 2.2 million people that will lose their benefits and up to 6 million people by the end of next year. It would be hard to imagine the government allowing any sort of correction or needed pain, but without any further injections, rioting in the street is likely.



Currently there are 3.2 million job openings with over 14 million unemployed. What is hard to fathom for conventional thinkers is that the more benefits that people receive from the government, the less jobs people are willing to take because it’s so much easier to cash a check than it is to actually go out and work. Of course to be fair, why would anyone go out and work for less or the same as what the government is paying them for just looking for a job. The unintended consequences of government cannot be overstated. Let’s keep up the good work and continue to educate one another about what it takes to make the decision and opt-out of conventional wisdom.


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