The Federal Reserve has been an easy topic for us to talk about at because there is a tremendous amount of fraud and manipulating of the mangled system going on at the heart of our financial system, which comes from the people who ultimately control our supply of money.

Most people don’t understand the role of the Federal Reserve and what “exactly” they do for the government. It needs to be understood that the Federal Reserve isn’t a government entity but a private entity that is supposed to act in the best interest of the country. They really do have a number of roles now that people just pleasantly swallow and never question the underlining motives and reasons for why they do what they do.


Federal Reserve



To understand why this entity is so fraudulent, you need to go back in history to when our businesses were based on the fundamentals of free market and competition. 1775, the American colonies were seeking detachment from the oppression and tyrannical control that was crushing the American people. At this time, King George III outlawed the interest free money that the colonies were operating on at the time. His alternative was for them to borrow money from the central bank of England at interest. Many believe this had great influence on why the colonies rebelled against the British. Benjamin Franklin was clear on his beliefs as he stated, “The refusal of King George III to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators was probably the prime cause of the revolution.” It’s important to understand that just because America won its independence from the clutches of Great Britain in 1783, but the struggle to combat the evils of a central bank have yet to be solved. 

It was very clear that our founding fathers understood the unethical practices of a central bank and made every effort to keep the system as honest and efficient as possible. Free market and competition is exactly what caused this country to rise above the rest of the world and when we achieved this pinnacle, corruption began to leak into the underbelly and the Federal Reserve was born.

Central banks essentially have 2 major roles and powers which are controlling the money supply (inflation) and interest rates. Each unit of currency that is created is loaned into existence at some interest rates. This means that there will always be more debt than there is money in the system, which makes the people slaves to debt indefinitely. The only way for the system to continue is for more money to be printed and for a perpetual creation of money and more debt to propel.

JP Morgan 

In the early 1900s, the big players in the banking and business industries included the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Rothchilds, and Warburgs. They were competitors that had some plan to collude and scam the American population. At this time they were at each others’ throat in the business world fighting for market share, but it wouldn’t be long until they were in the same building concocting a scheme to make more money and take more power.  

At this time, America had already burned through a couple central banks and had a bad taste for them. Implementing a brand new one would not be easy and these men knew that they needed a catalyst. J.P. Morgan began to start rumors that a major bank in New York was bankrupt, which spurred a run on the bank and great panic. This panic spread to other banks and major 
withdraws occurred.        

Run on the banks were common practices happening in this time because banks were folding and depositors were losing their investments. Great amounts of money were being concentrated in New York on Wall Street, which had become known as the “money trust.” This was a problem because those who controlled the money, controlled essentially everything. This was a popular topic in politics at the time and those running against the “money trusts” were setting themselves up to be a popular candidate. This is exactly what President Wilson ran his campaign on. What is not commonly known to most people is that it was the “money trusts” that were funding his campaign and who had actually hand-picked him. In-fact, he had already agreed to sign the Federal Reserve Act into place in exchange for political funding. Fast forwarding a bit, you find that it was he who enacted the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The question is what was the underlined reason for this private entity to come around? The people were speaking, real change was happening and citizens were going to act accordingly to place their money in the most efficient and appropriate places that may not have corresponded to the best interest of the big banks.

Jekyll Island   

On Jekyll Island, a land mass off the coast of Georgia which was owned by millionaires, was the location of a “secret meeting” to discuss the creation of the Federal Reserve. It was millionaires such as J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, and their affiliates. This group was called the “Jekyll Island Club.” It was there where seven men met who represented the interests of the big banks of the time with a Senator who had purpose of reforming the banking system. These 7 men represented 1/4 of the wealth around the world at the time and needless to say, they had serious bargaining power. This meeting was so secretive and so covered up that they only addressed each other by their first names and some even had code names. Senator Nelson Aldrich was the one who pushed the bill in congress and was responsible for handling the mayhem that has been brewing in the banking industry. His choice was to construct a bill written by bankers for the bankers. It should be noted that he became tied into the Rockefeller family through marriage.     


Taking a look at how the marriage between the banks and the government began is revelatory in seeing the underlined motives of the Federal Reserve. People had a bad taste of the current banking system and something was needed to be done. In the minds of the bankers, something needed to be done so that their best interest were protected and they didn’t lose control of their assets. The Federal Reserve was a knew skin to present to the American people that made for a way for the big banks to continue and for the people to comply. It’s important to understand that the purpose of this new entity was to break the grips of the money trusts written by the money trusts themselves. If this fact was known from the beginning, no such Federal Reserve would exist today.


These bankers, prior to the enacting of the Federal Reserve, were competitors of each other and then decided to get along to profit together and manipulate the system as well as the people to pad their own pockets and take out the efficiency and effectiveness of competition and free market. The Federal Reserve is a banking cartel that embodies itself as a government entity that has a sole purpose of serving the best interests of the economy. This has been happening for a longtime now and no one addresses it because these facts are carefully hid from the mainstream. None of this gets discussed in grade school or even college settings which are supposed to educate people on the history and functions of government, including studies on the Federal Reserve and economics.


In any agreement, there needs to be something in it for both parties. The question is what did the government want from this agreement and what interests did the banks have in this agreement. The main issue that the United States government has is that it spends more than it brings in. There is a slight problem with simple math when this happens in the typical household. One of the ways that the government prolongs this is by issuing bonds and living on credit. There is another way that they raise more money without completely enraging the taxpayer, and that is by “monetizing the debt.” What this is, is the government going to the Federal Reserve and them writing a check to the government creating it out of thin air and allowing the government to spend recklessly. This is a reassuring back pocket tactic that the government uses more and more, especially as the economy gets detrimentally worse.

Let it be understood that this money is then repaid with interest that is taken from the taxpayer which goes into the pocket of the bankers. It’s a private entity that doesn’t need to exist and shouldn’t be collecting money from the people. 

Things that take the country further and further into debt are an extremely lucrative thing for the bankers who are controlling the Federal Reserve. Each dollar that is created is then loaned out which gives the bankers infinite amounts of return on the money that the dollars being issued. It’s not in their best interest for the government to be fiscally responsible, because the way officials get elected and reelected is by promising big things and spending. Understand that this is where the scam lies and the interests of the bankers and the public conflict. What is best for one is slavery to debt to another. The bankers are making infinite amounts of return on the interest they are making because it’s based on money that didn’t cost them a single penny to create. If Americans truly wrapped their minds around the concept of an entity that is scamming the country by creating worthless money out of thin air and then charging people interest on the money, out-right hell would break out and the catch phrase “End the Fed” would have some true backing.
It should be clear why it was the big banks that got bailed out through the financial crisis and the interests that were being met on the sides of the banks and government pulling the wool over the eyes of the citizens of the world. Politician were interested in a quick fix and an open checkbook is what it takes for them to stay popular in the public view. Of course this is not a problem for the Federal Reserve because they get to bailout their friends with money that doesn’t cost anything and have taxpayers pay it back with money they actually have to work for.
A few years ago, Bloomberg sued the Federal Reserve demanding that they release records of the firms they helped and the amounts that were given to each bank. The Fed attempted to withhold these documents and numbers under the argument that it would give certain firms a competitive advantage and depositors might withdraw their funds from other banks. Bloomberg in fact won this case and made the Fed disclose this information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). What is interesting to note about this is that this act only applies to Federal Agencies, NOT PRIVATELY OWNED entities. The question that is begged is that could it be that the government has ownership in the Fed? This would actually cause for an even bigger scandal and an even greater conflict of interest. 
The scam is beyond real and past the point of disgust. The Federal Reserve unfortunately among the majority of the population, still rings of historic nostalgia when it’s brought up in conversation or on bus rides touring New York city. Exposure of what it is and where it came from is exactly what our goal here at had in mind as we delved into our search for the truth. Even for a group like us that eat, sleeps, and drinks information like this, the information uncovered and the reminder of what sort of behind the scenes workings are in the mix still shocks us and causes a deeper hate and passion against the workings of the Fed and U.S. government. The marriage between the two needs to be abolished and slavery to debt needs to end!!!   
Woodrow Wilson 


I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson 1919


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