Listening To The Financial News

When you are a media source, in many situations you have to play the cards you are dealt and dramatize the situation in whatever direction the news in going. This is especially true in the financial media. Part of it is just appealing to human nature and their intrigue to dramatic news, especially in the negative direction.

It is rather annoying though watching the television as they attempt to track the markets and give late advice while things are actually happening and not reporting timely financial advice. Just this week as the markets were experiencing the headwinds of the economy, all the media came out doom and gloom but failed to do so when the markets were hitting 13,000 a short while ago.

When it comes to taking the mainstream news with a grain of salt, it comes down to understanding that they are going to appeal to their viewers. Just because the market is up one day doesn’t mean we’re in a bull market and just because we were down the next day doesn’t mean stocks are doomed to crash.

What is important is to be getting in when stocks are going to rise and selling when stocks are going to fall. Not after the facts!

All of this reminds us about the 2005/2006 real estate headlines when everyone was predicting the future based on past performance. Headlines such as “Goo Goo For Real Estate” and “Overnight Real Estate Millionaires” etc. It really is true though that you need to buy the roomer and sell the news. What we would suggest to modify to that statement is to buy the roomer and sell when the conventional wisdom is advising on the trade.

Silver and Gold

We can’t help but feel like silver and gold are at periodic lows compared to where they can and will go. The deeper the world gets in its own financial mess, the more upward pressure gets put on silver and gold and the more suppression needs to kick in to keep the prices down. Keep in mind that the prices only seem low because they have come down from their 2011 highs. But remember that if you were telling the people who purchased the metals 2 years ago that silver would be at $26 and gold at $1,600 they would have been extremely happy.

The more money printing that goes on to boost the American economy and European economy, the more bullish we become on the metals.

Major Moves

Look for the markets to see some swings over the next few week. The EU meeting in Brussels will be an event the market will potentially react to. Chances are no major announcements will be made. What you will notice is the expectations for the Central Banks to react to the economy through artificial stimulus, bailouts, and lending measures to manipulate the economy favorably. If the EU comes out and announces a major intervention, expect the markets to react favorably upwards in the short-term.

Expect a flight to “quality” as America experiences the benefit of the rest of the world busting. You will see a flight to treasuries and a demand for dollars which will strengthen the currency.