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A must listen for all members, is without a doubt one of the most trusted news related blogs we visit on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Their new interview with trends research expert Gerald Celente, CEO of the Trends Research Institute, is a great interview to share with your friends and family. Who better to warn others about the future than a man who has been acknowledged as one of the best forecasters of our time.
In this interview, Mr. Celente brings up some very good points about the destruction of our personal liberties and how this has only opened the door for the government to intervene in our daily lives. Mr. Celente is upset as you can tell from the tone in his voice. He is upset because if a regular citizen steals a $3 sandwich at 7-11 they go straight to jail, but if a Wall St. thug steals billions, nothing happens. He says our system doesn’t have justice for Wall St. crooks, instead we have a just-us system for the bankers.
During this interview he also discusses owning physical gold and silver that you control, basically if you can’t hold it in your own sweaty palms, as many MF Global clients learned, it really isn’t yours.

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