Americans are now on the edge of their seats anticipating what will happen with Iran. Currently in Iran, sanctions are killing their imports and they are being forced to turn to a barter system. The goods being exchanged include gold bullion and tankerloads of oil for food. Of course this is infuriating the Iranian people and the government is being pinned up against the wall to act in behalf of the people. There is no doubt that each day that goes by with these sanctions being put on Iran, the more resentment and probability that there will be fights and conflicts with the U.S. or Israel, or both. To be certain that there will be conflict will be impossible to predict, however, understanding the situation points to a scenario that indicates war and turmoil.

A big wildcard that we will be watching and monitoring is the price of oil. Already we are seeing the price of oil creep upwards as it carefully anticipates what is going on globally in the middle east. believes that oil will be at 120 dollars a barrel by the summer with stable global conditions. However, if we see an outbreak of war and major supply disruptions from the Middle East, the price of oil could easily shoot up past 150 to even 200 dollars a barrel.
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In the event of a war, there is no secret that companies that are supplying and on the front lines of the military process will undoubtedly be poised for serious gains.


Judge Napolitano Video




Judge Napolitano will be hosting his last show on Fox News. The exact reason why he will not be on the air any longer is not certain, however, it really seems like people who speak the truth and who are brutally honest get completely gagged by the media. We’ve seen Ron Paul and his message completely ignored and under- reported by the media. The trend continues with the Judge and the blanketing of the truth goes on with the agendas of the politicians and news agencies aligned. The Judge completely opens up and gives us his heart to heart in a clip that we’ve posted on the front page of our website.







It has been people like Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano who have spoke their hearts with conviction that have awakened millions of people. is a total supporter of freedom and individuals like the ones mentioned above. We encourage you to share our emails with as many people as possible as we help expose the truth to those that are otherwise blinded.



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