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Opportunities in Uranium and Alternative Energy


The opportunity for alternative forms of energy are apparent and the need is absolutely clear. As the near surface fossil fuels continue to diminish, the need to dig further and further for less accessible forms of crude oil is becoming more of a requirement. Anyone remember BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? It’s not only more expensive to drill a mile down into the water, it can also be dangerous. However, right now, cheap oil is what the world is being ran on which is why 50% of the people who live in the U.S. are situated in the suburbs. Importing goods from China which is 12,000 miles away would not be practical if it were not for cheap oil. Experts are predicting that in 2015, China will be consuming 15 million barrels of oil per day. The question is, where is this oil going to come from and will people be able to afford the cost of maintaining their current lifestyles paying 7-10 dollars per gallon?



Iran Comic 


There is no wonder why there has been so much controversy over the middle east for the past many decades. Iran is currently the center of attention right now with hints of war. Iranian lawmakers have finalized a draft bill requiring the government to immediately halt crude oil sales to Europe in response to the bloc’s decision to ban the purchase of Iranian oil, a member of parliament said Saturday. In retaliation for the proposed oil embargo and sanctions, Tehran issued a blunt warning in late December that it would block the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s most important oil transit point, if Western powers attempted to impose an embargo on Iranian petroleum exports. This could be a catalyst for another “war on oil,” which could send the price of gas skyrocketing straight through the 4 dollar range. The need for alternative methods of fueling our economy is here and demand for companies that will offer new and innovative technologies that can relieve the world’s dependence on unstable nations are upon us.


Gas prices are creeping back towards 4 dollars and it won’t be long until we’ll be pushing 5 dollars again. 


It’s extremely important to be putting companies that have great potential from profiting from the enormous demand that will be coming. If we see a disruption in the supply of crude oil, gas prices could easily spike over 5 dollars per gallon within a few weeks. This is the reason why companies on the verge of tapping into new and innovative technologies in alternative energies will be where smart investing strategies will be.


The only real effective way to knock out energy independence and satisfy environmental cleanliness is to further develop our renewable sources of energy.  There are 5 major sectors of renewable energy sources that will be honed in on when profiling companies and anticipating their future growth.  These sectors especially have the current administration at their back and as far as we are concerned, so will we when it comes to making some serious cash.


For now let’s take a look at nuclear energy.


Though debated as whether or not to consider nuclear power a renewable resource or not, the facts are the same.  There is an abundance of uranium on this planet which is the vital ingredient when producing nuclear power.  According to World Nuclear Association, uranium is as abundant as zinc and tin and can easily be a solution to the world’s energy solution endeavor. Uranium has the potential to supply the world’s energy solution due to the exponential power that is extracted from nuclear power production. Nuclear power stations and fossil-fueled power stations of similar capacity have many features in common. Both require heat to produce steam to drive turbines and generators. In a nuclear power station, however, the fissioning of uranium atoms replaces the burning of coal or gas which could be very much in demand if fossil fuel disruptions take place during any sort of escalating events in the Middle East.


.Alternative Energy



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