To Watch Ranting Andy’s Interview, Click HERE!!! has posted an interview of Andy Hoffman of Andy is an expert on the precious metals manipulation and someone who has a great amount of knowledge along with a significant amount of integrity.

Right off the bat Andy dives into why numismatic coins are something that shouldn’t be used to store your wealth and hedge against inflation.


One of the questions that was posed was “Is society too stupid for the cartel ever to fail?


The ability to continue to print is their Achilles Heel and to lose this power will not allow the government to bailout banks, enter wars, and buy their votes for elections. Essentially, society is powerless in its current state, according to Andy. Andy’s thoughts on who is really going to beat the cartel are quite intriguing and revelatory when one wraps their minds around what he is thinking. His thoughts are that it’s going to be central banks around the world that cause the cartel to bust as soon as the big money around the world withdraw their funds away from the hands of the U.S. government and Federal Reserve.


This interview is an opportunity for your mind to be filled with valuable knowledge of what is to come in the next few years. After this interview, don’t be surprised if you are inspired to purchase gold, silver, food, and ammo.

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