Why Some People Win…

When people see a winner or a loser, chances are they are only looking at the end result and not all of the bobbles and stumbles that the person had along the way. Winners in the markets are no different and just because someone is doing well now doesn’t mean they always have and always were making huge gains in the markets.

There comes a time where people feel that they do something so terrible or that what they’ve done was so embarrassing, that they feel like they don’t have what it takes to move forward in whatever they were doing. Sometimes it can be simple insecurities or other times it could be a complete loss in confidence that they once had to do something that they once used to do.

What is important to understand as a trader is that you have to overcome the mistakes and press through to become a successful trader. So many people attempt to get in the world of trading and run into one or two bad trades and flee from the whole idea of trading as if it were the plague. It’s important to know that there are literally thousands of people who are making their money by trading in front of their computers. They are working from the comfort of their own home with no boss, no dress code, and not a single co-worker to stab them in the back.

In any circumstance, it takes traits of a leader to be able to be self motivated enough to take a risk, fail, and actually try again. It’s even more so when you are doing this in front of people who know or trust you. Think about a president who the country is depending on to steer us in the right direction. When he makes a mistake, he has to get up in front of the nation and be positive and move forward because that’s what a strong leader is going to do to force success in what they are trying to accomplish.

At CrushTheStreet.com, we look for momentum plays, day trades, and long-term trends for our members. Our goal is to help you find strategic opportunities in the market and exploit the profit potentials that we are seeking. To be successful at making it in the trading world, it takes determination and a winning mindset. Those who have a long-term mindset for the short term ups and downs, will be positioning themselves for a very comfortable future. We want to partner with our members in finding these trading ideas for you and helping you achieve the trading goals that you have.

We are currently researching a number of companies and are going to be releasing some ideas in the near future. Stay tuned!


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