Here is the Results of Our Survey, we emailed the results earlier this Week

Survey Discussion

This last month was the first time we conducted a survey, and the responses were very interesting and helpful. The first three questions that were asked had to do with our audiences opinion on the present state of the nation and some projections into the future. I wanted to weigh in on some of these questions and the responses that we got.

Do you think gold will dip below $1,000 in the next 18 months?

Do you think gold will dip below $1,000 in the next 18 months? I was rather interested in seeing the responses to this question since the gold trade for many has simply not worked out. The distribution of responses definitely is an indicator that people are a little more hesitant to be “all in” without having some sort of middle of the road hesitations. The most conservative answer was “Gold should definitely increase”, and many people did in fact chose that answer. It should not be overlooked that answer number one was also very popular and arguably so.

No one knows the exact magnitude of the entire situation, but if and when this thing comes unhinged, gold could very well take off. Answer number two was a hat tip towards manipulation which did get some supporters. You have to wonder why and how gold has been so depressed for so long. Common knowledge of gold and the monetary system tells people, if gold is climbing, this is indicative of problems with the current monetary system. The Feds worst nightmare would be people dumping dollars. 

What would you most likely do with a million dollars you didn’t have to work for?

What would you most likely do with a million dollars you didn't have to work for?

The question above was intended to get everyone thinking about what they would do with money that did not cost them time and energy. For people who value time and energy, you answers might have changed slightly if I asked you what you would likely do with your life savings. I’m as human as anyone else and am more likely to let go of “free money” easier than money I worked for, however, I value money coming in regardless of how and understand that it’s a fortunate event that should not be squandered because tomorrow’s good fortune is never guaranteed.

I too would have gone with the majority and picked “purchase income producing assets.” I also tended to find value in the first response in that the life you are currently living is exactly what makes you happy, and having more money to your name isn’t going to go to striving for a more lavish lifestyle. Purchasing your dream home is not something I would judge you for. Number one, if you are purchasing at the right time and using your head when you are purchasing, your dream home is still an asset that will appreciate over the long-term and ultimately build your portfolio. It is harder to justify putting everything into a speculative gamble, but if you hit the jackpot and put yourself over the top I would have no reason to argue.

How much longer will the United States of America be the top dog around the world?

  What would you most likely do with a million dollars you didn’t have to work for?

If I asked this question during the 2008 collapse, I probably would of had 100% of the audience going with “This ship is already sinking. Next 8 years.” Understandably, the response was a bit more disbursed. The general consensus was primarily pretty pessimistic and negative about the trajectory of the entire nation. I have to agree when looking at our progressive agendas and unsustainability, the future is bleak across the board. It really is amazing, however, how slow the process is taking to actually happen. If a corporation was as financially screwed as the U.S., it would have folded and went under a long time ago.

But the too big to fail stabilizers have kept this country afloat, and the decoupling of the stabilizers will take some time before the wheels completely fall off. No doubt the standard of living, for Americans, across the board has been eaten away at. What someone was able to purchase with the same amount of time and effort has now become something only attainable for the upper middle class. The bubble is being pumped even to this day, and when the air lets out you better hope you are prepared and ready to thrive. “The truth is never benevolent or benign, it’s just the truth.” Absolute truth is no respecter of persons or opinions, so if you’re going to gamble, you better be right, otherwise it’s better to be safe than sorry.
We will be conducting more surveys no doubt with incentives for our members to participate as this last one had. Look for a new survey in January.
Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor at