I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.Morpheus

Unplugging From The Matrix

This weekend, I had just re-watched The Matrix; a great movie that really has hard hitting symbolism especially among contrarian thinkers, such as myself. The concept of being “plugged” into the matrix and completely unaware of this system that everyone is apart of is directly applicable to the government and media leading millions of clueless sheep down a path of control and manipulation. One of the broad messages in the movie was that once you chose to know the truth, you will never look at this world the same way again.

Many people have undoubtedly woken up to some of the problems at hand and to the agenda of how we are supposed to live our lives under over-reaching governments across the world.

It really got me thinking about the last 5-10 years of what has happened and how conventional wisdom has changed. Up until 2007 or abouts, few people were keen about investing in hard assets to protect themselves from inflation. The concept of buying gold as insurance in case of a currency crisis was not known to many, but even the mainstream media refers to it as a safe haven asset now. Prior to 2008, you were a lunatic if you thought there was a possibility of the U.S. experiencing any sort of market meltdown with skyrocketing unemployment and prolonged depressionary scenarios. People now have a fresh and on-going recollection of the market crash and how things still are around the world.

Prior to these times, the Federal Reserve has had little to no scrutiny. Any mention of it was just as a glorified necessity to our functioning economy. But it has now slightly changed in the minds of the masses. It wasn’t until the chaos started to erupt in the financial worlds and those who have been warning about these dangers for years were vindicated though. Today, more people are aware of the dangers of the central bank and their manipulative policies as economic tensions continue to drag on the backs of people.

Awareness has been brought to the attention of many people and the alternative media has had a huge part in bringing to light what “the system” has everyone blinded from.

With slow growth and markets continuing forward, people are getting used to the new ‘norm’ and beginning to crave things like more QE, more Obamacare, and more distribution of wealth from the ‘rich’ but also from an evermore deteriorating middle class.

Unfortunately, the destruction of the middle class is exactly what is happening. Policies in place are making it harder for almost everyone to get ahead as only those positioned right will likely thrive. Speaking generally, those who own assets are holding their wealth or getting richer while those who don’t have any are getting squeezed by rising prices and have either flat or diminishing wages. We know that the government is not aligned with the same goals as the taxpayers in most situations and that we are to play the hand we are dealt to make the best of things.

Even though conventional wisdom is evolving and the world is waking up to some of the things that we are talking about, there is still is a huge lag in terms of mainstream knowledge and being able to anticipate and act.

Once you know the truth from an educational and logical perspective, you cannot help but see things in a whole new light. Morpheus’ words of wisdom to Neo was that he can only show him the path, but it was he who had to walk down it. The sad truth is, there are many people out there that are in “the know,” but are extremely lazy to do anything about it to advance themselves and actually get ahead.

Knowledge is only worth something if you do something with it…

This was a video we produced and put out some time ago entitled, “Your Life According To The Government.” I think you will find it a bit comical and in the end inspirational, encouraging everyone to get their own house in order. You can view this video on our website by clicking the link or watching the video below!

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Kenneth Ameduri
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