We Can’t Stop Printing Paper

Of course, many are familiar with the raunchy new music video that Miley Cyrus released a few months ago, attracting the attention of hundreds of millions of people entitled, “We Can’t Stop.” This has become one of the most viral videos of 2013 being viewed by over 250 million people just on her main youtube channel.

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

Although I do not support the direction she went with her image and message promoting careless living, glorification of drugs, and a complete rejection of her “teenage wholesome image,” I must say I am compelled to read the headlines and youtube her videos, because she has gone so extreme. After realizing that I had been suckered into watching her videos and reading up on her drama, it made me appreciate the sheer business beauty of her success.

I tend not to see things like the average person. While everyone else was out complaining about how much of a whore Miley looked like when she was twerking on prime-time TV, I was wondering in my head, how much money that “devil” looking haircut and her stripper dancing would be putting in her pocket. So I went and Googled her and found that Celebrity Net Worth estimates her to be worth 150 million dollars. That’s pretty astronomical when considering her age and net worth compared to other celebrities and pop stars who most never make it to 100 million dollars in their lifetime.

So for as much negativity Miley has seen from her drastic changes in image, she has seen it pay out in serious returns. Sometimes, it’s true what they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity, and she knows that.

What does this have to do with finances?

I told you already that I don’t think the same way as a normal person. The reason I even thought about this in the first place was that the title of the song, “We Can’t Stop” and being reminded of the Federal Reserve being tethered to the need to continue to print. I can’t help but picture everyone at the Fed delusional, in some sort of trance listening to this song out of their mind. Coincidentally Miley worked with Saturday Night Live to do a parody of her own song about government; but rather the shutdown and not the excessive money printing.

This points to the fact that the average person really doesn’t see the true power structure and how much more power the money printers have then congress. There really is no end in sight when you consider the dependency this economy has become on Quantitative Easing. Even if the program is bad for the image and long-term fundamental stability of the U.S., the chances of it going away anytime soon is very unlikely.

Printing MoneyWhen it comes Federal to programs, none really ever go away once implemented. Things like Social Security, Medicare, social programs, and more, never really go away once they have been set into motion. Truthfully, the real question people should be asking around is when is QE going to be raised to $100 billion a month, $500 billion a month, or how about $1 Trillion a month? It really is more likely to happen, in my opinion, than any sort of tapering. Only time will only tell though. 

It is possible that we will see QE start to taper, but the likelihood of that happening now with money printing cheerleader Janet Yellen is slim to none.

Having bashed the Fed for a while, I must give them some credit for artificially inflating the value of my stocks. This again comes back around to the Miley song “We Can’t Stop,” especially now after we gotten used to Ben Bernanke continuing to inject stimulus into the economy to inflate asset prices. Did I really just say that? It was, for lack of better words blasphemy in terms of how a true conservative should think right? The way I see it, if you play your cards right, you can profit in any sort of situation that gets thrown at you, even if the federal government is ultimately screwing the long-term future for its citizens. 

I must say, many people have been so one track minded when they are all invested in gold keep themselves in such a doomsday prepper mode. This makes them miss out on huge gains that they could be making in stocks and other asset classes. The fact is, companies are coming out profitable in all of this, and being able to be a shareholder of a company producing a profit should not be determined solely by what is going on in Washington. No doubt, as stocks climb, it might feel like investors are climbing a “wall of worry,” but it makes it that much more important to be invested in the right companies that will thrive and still have a great deal of room to continue to climb; the type of companies that will be around for decades.

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I am currently at a conference in Las Vegas educating myself on my business and gathering nuggets of information to take home and add value to the future of what I currently have. I hope all of you are constantly pushing yourself to learn and be proactive to better yourself never being content with stagnation and just the status quo.

Carpe Diem,

Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor at CrushTheStreet.com