What a year it has been in 2013…

This year the world is still recovering from a huge financial disaster and the real economy continues to trudge along. We’ve seen threats of wars, tax increases, Obamacare come into play, and the government continuing to have a more overreaching hand in all of our lives. We continue to kick the can down the road with debt ceiling increases, artificial government shutdowns, and non-fixes to a fundamentally flawed system that is deteriorating the standard of living for all who call this country home.  

I had to share this chart that ZeroHedge.com posted on their site which shows the disparity of household income in DC and the median household income across the nation.

What’s Bad For America is Good For Washington DCAs you can see by looking at the chart, Washington is thriving. No big deal if their health insurance goes up 30% because it’s all factored into their adjusting wages. Interestingly enough, how is the country supposed to afford rising public servant wages when wages from incomes are not increasing? It is an equation that doesn’t add up, there is a disconnect because it’s the taxpayers’ problem, they really don’t have much control over how their money is spent and the freedoms they are surrendering to an inflating government. Oh wait, we are the taxpayers and it’s okay to abuse and steal from the taxpayer since it is indirect and done in the name of “patriotism.”

I am cautiously optimistic for a bubble burst to take place in the government and for it all to fall apart in hopes that we will come to a reset point and it would be clear that the free market is the better solution than a government ran society. However, in the event of a disaster, we are more likely to see the blame fall on the free market and conservative measures and for more oppressive programs to be implemented. Who knows what will be next, maybe President Obama will start promising everyone that he is going to fill their gas tanks to get Americans to and from work and call it the Give Americans’ Cheap Gas Act. Inevitably, artificial demand for fuel will rise and cause prices to rise and half the population will then depend on Obama gas for their livelihood.

My hate for the government was reignited when I was told that my health insurance will be changing due to the Affordable Care Act. My premiums have gone up 40% in the last year and coverage has gotten worse. Is it ironic that insurance has become less affordable and more of a headache? I think not!

I wish there was a way for the mainstream to understand the consequences of government ran solutions and oppression of the producers.

Until that day,

Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor at CrushTheStreet.com