Each time I sit down to write, I usually have multiple things going through my mind in which then I need to consolidate to one idea. This week, my mind has been all over the place on the stock market pulling back, military conflicts in Israel, threats of war in Ukraine, and the loss of the legendary Robin Williams.

As a child you tend to have an illusion that grown-ups are “good” and will make the right decisions. I think children entering their teenage years begin to comprehend that the world is a place full of imperfection, and this reality can be a big disappointment for them as they make the transition to adulthood. As an adult, I still find myself blown away at the disregard for common sense ethics and violation of human rights that are constantly being broken by people and governments. War has been a conflict resolution tactic since the beginning of time, to some degree. Millions of people have died because of conflicts that could not have been solved with words, and we are still seeing this today around the world. Needless to say, there are just some situations when there is no other choice but to defend against an unreasonable oppressor; however, this just goes on to emphasize my point that the world is full of imperfection and disappointment. Between the conflicts in the Middle-East and the issues between Russia and Ukraine there is a live ongoing struggle that people are losing their lives over, which to me is a very sad thing.

The news of Robin Williams taking his life, made me step back and reflect that even someone who has made millions of dollars and has won over the hearts of billions of people, could be living miserably. What a shattered image of someone that seemed to have everything going for him, and this is yet a further example of the world’s imperfection.

Emotional Success

Being able to cope with life and the imperfections that surround you is important for your mental stability, and your ability to be successful. How quickly could your situation deteriorate if you only worried about how poorly the government is being ran and chose to dwell on the negatives that surround your own personal life? I see so many people’s life get put on hold because they allow influences in the outside world, that they can’t control, take over their ability to live their own life and enjoy it to the fullest. At some point, some sort of level-headed middle ground outlook on life needs to be adopted to make the best decisions, and in order to act in a manner that will produce the most good, no matter the disappointments someone might be facing.

Emotional stability is huge when managing your own money. Watching your investments fall substantially and having the courage to make the right decision to either hold, sell, or buy more is crucial to do without panicking. Running a business is something that needs to be managed appropriately and emotionally unstable people have the most difficult time doing this without reacting irrationally against customers, clients, and business associates. Being able to accept some imperfections and deal with problems as they arise, no matter what you are doing, is going to help protect you from big losses no matter what aspect of life you are dealing with.

My Focus In The Markets

Touching on the markets, I cannot help but be very aggressive at the moment with some big companies that have pulled back substantially over the past couple weeks. I’m talking about companies like PFE, MCD, RCII and more that are looking like great buys at the moment. Last week, I discussed Russia as a buy, and I still feel like this is a buying opportunity while the bad news surrounding this country is approaching a climax.

The resource sector is an area that everyone needs to start looking at again as it is one of the most hated sectors in the financial markets.

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Prosperous Regards,
Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor for CrushTheStreet.com