Maybe I’m a bit late bringing this topic up, but regardless, I cannot help giving my “two cents.”

Government Goes “Hell Bent”

I almost cannot believe how much of an issue this Bundy situation has become. It’s a classic case of government going “hell bent” on something; something so arbitrary. And when I mean “hell bent,” I really mean over the top stupid over this whole thing. The government has sent troops, sniper rifles, and excessive force to step on Bundy’s rights to ranch cattle. They even went as far as seizing his animals.

I’d be shocked if you haven’t yet heard about this story but in case you haven’t, Cliven Bundy is a 67 year old rancher who is operating a cattle ranch in Nevada. The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has been on his case for allegedly putting tortoises in danger because of the amount of cattle that he has grazing the land. With Bundy’s allotment being over 150,000 acres and his cattle estimated at 1,500 this means the BLM is claiming one cow per thousand acres is too much; which is ridiculous.

BLM vs. Bundy Family

In 1993 the BLM changed the rules for the Nevada Ranchers, driving over 50 out of business except the Bundy family who did not comply. This government organization has been overregulating bureaucratically and taking people’s jobs away. What the real kicker we came to find out though, was that Bundy has actually been complying with Nevada state laws the whole time. He has actually been paying his fines to the authorities which is his green light to continue to ranch as long as he continues to comply with government ransoms. Remember, this is public land that their family has had grazing rights to use for roughly 140 years!

What gets me is how insane this whole ordeal became when the Feds started sending in troops and guns and putting up this huge fight against a man minding his own business in the middle of nowhere. I’m going to use the term again, “hell bent” on something so stupid as this…

I’ve heard the term being used for his cattle as “illegal” cattle. If this were the case of humans being illegals, the government would be rushing to hand them EBT cards and “free” college educations on the backs of the taxpayer, rather than jailing them. Wow, did I just go there? Okay, just to clarify what I mean here before I offend many people. I’m a strong believer that immigrants are not the ones to blame for “illegally” immigrating and receiving from the government. It is the magnet that is to blame. If the government wasn’t freely handing out hard-earned tax dollars to everyone, we would have much less problems…but Im digressing here…

A Spark for Something Bigger

It really is funny to me to see how human nature in this case with the government can be perfectly fine with social abominations and then go ape crazy over something as insignificant as this here. The government’s priorities just do not line up with the people. Human liberties are at more risk now in America than ever before. If you believe like I believe that we are on the verge of potential systemic collapse, in the event of an actual breakdown, we could see the government become more oppressive and violent than ever. This Bundy standoff could very well be the spark for a new American Civil War.

Bundy Supporters ready to take cattle back

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I must say seeing the militia standup and defend the ranch against what otherwise could be described as tyranny, gave me a sense of hope for the United States. If enough people stood up for what is right, maybe real change could take place. For the Bundy family, hundreds and by some estimates thousands of protestors and supporters were there to back him up.

Until then, a breakdown in the economy would be a sneaky way for the government to capitalize and erode at the remaining limited freedoms that Americans still have today. It will be step-by-step and we are already seeing it happen in the medical arena, education, retirement and ethics and morals.  We already know that they are trying to get us to think a certain way. Brainwashing a population can be done and unfortunately I only can think of negative examples in our history in which this was used.

Be mindful and vigilant and have a healthy skepticism of the government. Its how this country was so greatly founded in the first place.

Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor at