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    The Rich are a Stingy Bunch

    It was just recently that I realized in many situations, I’ll make an over-the-top generalization to introduce a new topic just to have a starting point for the rest of the conversation. The title of this article is a concept that I’d like to debunk and discuss why in 2014 your mindset on this topic should transform. It’s something you should consider in your own personal life to build your own wealth.

    In my own personal experience, rich people have been very generous with me. The haters (toward wealth builders) in this nation have painted a picture of those who go out and have financial success as individuals who prey on the weak and hoard their wealth; thus being a sting bunch. This might have something to do with the fact that in general, the wealthy don’t vote for government handouts and mainstream thought doesn’t like that about the top income earners across the board. They’re labelled as heartless because they won’t allow the government to do charity for them with their money.

    Many rich individuals around the world have built their wealth with solid money saving principles and by becoming savvy investors. Having significantly more discretionary income allows the wealthy to be more generous because they actually have money left over after daily life and paying their bills. It’s much easier for these individuals to help someone who is struggling in their situation because they actually have the purchasing power to make a difference with enough powder left in the chamber to not go broke themselves.

    From a humanistic perspective, this doesn’t make someone with more money any better than one with less, but from a literal perspective, there is more for a wealthy person to be able to give because of the excess in discretionary income that person is likely to have. 

    I said all of that just to get you in the right frame of mind for what I wanted to share next. The start of a new year is a time to reflect and possibly start on things that never got done or finished in the prior year. Many people are looking for breakthroughs in their financial journey and need some advice on where to start. Among many other little bits of advice, here is one piece that might help you advance yourself in your walk in life. 

    Find business owners, investors, and people with money and figure out ways to provide a service for them to make even more money. Rich people understand the value of money and quality and if you do this for them, the trickle down effect could be substantial and their resulting generosity could shine through in a way that greatly benefits you.

    There could be many ways to approach this topic, but understand that not every wealthy person is an old grump that has a tight grip on the money that they have. Many are very generous and kind individuals who got to their place in life because of that very characteristic. Helping anyone make more money in life could make you very wealthy, but helping to make those with larger net worth’s increase their wealth may have a bigger bang for the buck. 

    As you start the new year, let go of the old mistakes and let downs and focus on a bright future ahead. The world is at your fingertips.
    Happy New Year!
    Kenneth Ameduri
    Chief Editor at