Get ready for a massive bull market in precious metals and an explosion in silver. This is not just hope or hype, as Crush the Street has called upon the top experts for their analysis and insights into the world of precious metals – and best of all, the man we’ve called Mr. Silver himself, Keith Neumeyer. You won’t want to sit on the sidelines after hearing what Mr. Neumeyer has to say about today’s markets and his outlook on precious metals.

Gold bugs, silver bugs, and other precious metals enthusiasts have been awaiting a resurgence in the metals markets for quite a while now. We can see that silver, for instance, has been stuck in a range, testing the patience of long-term investors:

To be more precise, it is near the bottom of the range, which some might view as bearish while others see it as a buying opportunity. As Sir John Templeton once famously said, “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, and die on euphoria,” and it sure looks like the traditional equities market is in a state of euphoria at the moment:

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The second-longest bull market in U.S. history, and soon to be the longest and oldest, is bound to feel the inevitable effects of gravity in the near future. Don’t count on the mass media telling you about this, and certainly don’t rely on central banks to pull back the curtain and keep you in the loop on what’s going on in the markets.

Instead of counting on governments and big banks to tell the full story, Crush the Street counts on highly regarded and experienced industry experts like Keith Neumeyer. Keith’s track record as an entrepreneur and investor is unparalleled, and he has worked in the investment community for a very long time – since 1984, in fact.

Throughout his long career, Mr. Neumeyer has garnered extensive experience dealing with the financial, regulatory, legal and accounting issues in the investment community. This community has honored Keith Neumeyer many times, such as when he won the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2011 for the Metals & Mining category.

Keith Neumeyer has a track record of success, starting from the time when he began his career at a number of Canadian national brokerage firms, and then moved on to work with several publicly traded companies in the resource and high technology sectors. Keith has taken on a variety of roles, including senior management positions and directorships responsible in areas of finance, business development, strategic planning, and corporate restructuring.

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    It was in 1988 that Mr. Neumeyer moved into the mining sector. As Keith recalls: “It was a natural thing to go work for mining companies because I’d been trading mining companies for five years as a floor trader on the exchange.” It would be no exaggeration to say that Keith Neumeyer has leveraged all of his vast experience as a world-leading entrepreneur in the metals and mining space.

    Among his achievements in the mining industry, Keith Neumeyer has distinguished himself as a founder of world-class mining firms, including First Quantum Minerals Ltd. (OTC:FQVLF), one of the world’s biggest copper producers, as well as First Majestic Silver Corp., a giant among silver producers. Keith has also listed a number of companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, and is responsible for raising capital valued at over $300 million.

    Forging his own path, Keith Neumeyer is known for building elite companies in the precious metals industry, such as Vancouver-based firm First Majestic Silver Corp. (TSX:FR, NYSE:AG), a world-famous mineral property holding company that is focused on the Americas and Mexico in particular.

    Having founded First Majestic Silver back in 2002, Keith Neumeyer has overseen astonishing growth in the company throughout the years. We can see this growth in the following chart, which illustrates how First Majestic’s six mining projects are quickly reaching their production targets:

    Courtesy of First Majestic Silver Corp. Investor Presentation

    Strong guidance and consistently impressive revenues are the hallmarks of First Majestic, and Keith Neumeyer is continuing to lead the way in the silver mining market. Under Mr. Neumeyer’s leadership, the analysts at Crush the Street fully expect First Majestic Silver Corp. to become the world’s largest primary silver producer.

    In addition to his expertise in silver mining, Keith Neumeyer has also established himself as a gold guru, as he is the founder of the world-class company First Mining Gold (TSX:FF, OTC:FFMGF). Founded in 2015 and based in Vancouver, Canada, First Mining Gold is an emerging development company with a diversified portfolio of gold projects in North America. Rewarding investors with superior returns, First Mining gold has built a spectacular reputation as an explorer of mining-friendly jurisdictions throughout eastern Canada.

    Courtesy of First Mining Gold Investor Presentation

    Keith Neumeyer’s achievements with First Mining Gold are truly legendary. The firm’s crown jewel, the Springpole Gold Project, is the largest undeveloped gold project in Ontario; it’s also the seventh largest in Canada, and the eighteenth largest in North America. Other projects, such as Cameron and Goldlund, round out a robust Eastern Canada-focused project portfolio. These projects are adjacent or proximal to roads, power and access to skilled labor communities, so investors can expect continued success from this first-rate company.

    Because Mr. Neumeyer possesses such deep insight into the precious metals markets, Crush the Street looks to him for insights and projections as we navigate these challenging times. We consider silver as a benchmark for precious metals, and Keith Neumeyer’s expertise is especially valuable in the silver markets.

    Stackers and investors will certainly be glad to learn that Keith Neumeyer sees precious metals as mining companies as primed for a huge rebound. Keith has expressed his view that silver could reach the $130 level; this would provide a nice boost to precious metals and miners across the board.

    Investors, analysts, and industry experts are all listening to Keith Neumeyer, and so is Crush the Street. We will continue to monitor the metals and mining markets, always keeping our ears to the ground and bringing you insights from notable experts and entrepreneurs like Mr. Keith Neumeyer.

    Prosperous Regards,
    Kenneth Ameduri
    Chief Editor,

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