2024 Presidential Election Cycle in Amerika – NH Primary

The United States’ first primary in the 2024 presidential election cycle took place in my home state of New Hampshire this week where I aspire to “Live Free or Die” as a Libertarian (very different than a liberal) who is registered as an “undeclared” (aka independent) voter. Not being pigeonholed into the wide range of political categories is a blunt declaration of liberty and freedom from government tyranny, jackboots, globalists, sycophants, apparatchiks, Karens, or whatever challenge presents itself.

New Hampshire: A Proven Primary Tradition… “Time and again the press has predicted that a candidate is about to win the New Hampshire primary by ‘the largest margin in history’ only to find the candidate narrowly winning or even losing. Underdogs have a history of connecting with New Hampshire voters, and several front runners have found that neglecting the Granite state can be costly. Even sitting presidents have learned not to take New Hampshire for granted. The state’s large contingent of independent voters—those not committed to one party or another—has made the primary an even better test for candidates hoping to appeal to a national audience.” – NH Historical Society


Sununu lowers expectations for Haley in Tuesday’s New Hampshire GOP primary… “In December, the NH Republican governor had predicted she’d win in a ‘landslide.’” – ABC News, Jan. 19

This year’s primary faced amplified speculation and scrutiny due to the current state of domestic and geopolitical chaos caused by policies in previous administrations and Biden’s current mob of ineptitude, treachery, and a recessionary economy due to his Bidenomics bust. Trump’s return to the GOP ballot amid his battle with despicable lawfare that followed a highly contested 2020 election laced with voter fraud, election interference, and dereliction by politicos and alphabet agencies adds to the significance of this election’s outcome.

K.T. McFarland (fmr. Deputy Natl. Security Advisor): FBI & CIA interfered in 2016 & 2020 elections – Maria Bartiromo, May 2023


Spies Who Lie - New York Post Cover

Spies Who Lie – New York Post, Mar. 2022


If you entertain fantasies that this year can miraculously transform into peace among nations, states, politics, ideologies, or family circles, think again. Unmistakable evidence surfaced this week that opens another “deep state” window into U.S. election fraud and/or interference that everyone in Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” and elsewhere must face.

EXCLUSIVE: An audio recording obtained by DailyMail.com reveals the extraordinary moment when what appears to be Arizona’s top Republican official (Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit) tried to bribe firebrand Kari Lake not to run in the state’s Senate race.” – Daily Mail U.K., Jan. 23, 2024


Arizona GOP chairman resigns after leaked audio of him offering Lake cash to stay out of Senate race. – Just the News, Jan. 24


So, what were the Jan. 23 primary results? The screenshots below list the Republican and Democrat ballot totals along with a breakdown by township as of 2pm ET, Jan. 24. I also include the current balance of political power at the capitol in Concord.

NH Republican Primary Election Results Summary

Republican Primary Election Results Summary – USA Today


NH Democrat Primary Election Results Summary

Democrat Primary Election Results Summary – USA Today


Republican and Democrat Primary Election Results Detailed

Republican and Democrat Primary Election Results Detailed – WMUR9


Republican and Democrat Primary Vote by Township

Republican and Democrat Primary Vote by Township – WMUR9


NH Balance of Power - House

NH Balance of Power - Senate

NH Balance of Power - Executive Council

NH Balance of Power: House, Senate, Executive Council – WMUR9


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There are claims in legacy media and elsewhere that a flood of Democrats switched their voter registration to Republican or undeclared before the NH primary so they could vote for Haley and eliminate Trump’s momentum or win. U.S. states voting laws vary widely, and that kind of strategy may impact November’s nationwide presidential vote, but it did not manifest to any substantial degree in the NH primary. The following analysis is not comprehensive in scope, but it does shed light on the fact that Democrats were not solely responsible for any crossover voting in Haley’s favor.

New Hampshire exit poll voter registration breakdown – CNN


NH Primary Exit Polling - Independent votes Haley and will vote Biden in general election.

NH Primary Exit Polling – An independent votes Haley and will vote Biden in general election


Ahead of primary, nearly 4,000 Democratic voters switch affiliation to Republican or undeclared… “In total 4,920 people switched affiliations in this latest round: 78 people switched from Republican to Democratic; 719 switched from Republican to undeclared; 41 switched from undeclared to Democratic; and 132 switched from undeclared to Republican.” – New Hampshire Bulletin, Oct. 11, 2023

The estimated population of NH was 1,402,054 as of Jul. 1, 2023, according to the U.S. Census, and it is the 10th-smallest state by population. The Independent Voter Project (IVP) claims NH has 1,000,925 registered voters, but data from the NH Secretary of State (NHSOS) indicates 873,359 as of Dec. 2023. If using IVP data, 29.82% are Republican, 30.28% are Democrats, and 39.90% are undeclared. In the NHSOS database, there are 267,905 (30.68%) Republicans, 262,262 (30.029%) Democrats, and 343,192 (39.3%) undeclared. The difference between the IVP and NHSOS on a percentage basis is negligible.

Based on the following excerpt, it is clear the only eligible voters that could flip the NH primary election are among the undeclared. It’s quite a leap for the Trump team to claim that undeclared voters must be Liberals or Democrats. As a NH resident, I wager that a vast majority of undeclared are astute Libertarians that know it’s not just the economy, stupid,” and they do not resonate with Haley’s platform that promotes endless war, globalism, open borders, the WEF’s Great Reset agenda, and digital enslavement.

“Anna Sventek, a spokesperson for the New Hampshire Secretary of State, told USA TODAY that registered Democrats can only vote in the Democratic primary election, and Republicans can only vote in the Republican primary. Undeclared voters can choose to vote in either, but they must select a Democratic or Republican ballot when they go to vote, according to the Secretary of State’s website. The deadline to change one’s party affiliation for the primary was on Oct. 6, 2023. Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, pointed to the number of registered Democrats who switched their party affiliation to undeclared before the October 2023 deadline as proof of Trump’s claim. ‘President Trump is absolutely correct when he says Nikki Haley is relying on liberals and Democrats to infiltrate because that’s who she appeals to,’ said Cheung in an email. ‘A minimum of 3,000 Democrats switched to undeclared before the cut-off date – they’re Democrats. And now they can vote in our primary.’ It is true that over 3,000 people who were registered as Democrats switched their registration to undeclared ahead of the primary. But this is well below 1% of voters, and New Hampshire registration history (1973-2023) shows it’s typical for several thousand voters to switch their registration around each election. And, of course, switching isn’t proof that a given voter was going to vote in the GOP primary. In New Hampshire, being undeclared is actually the most common identification.” – USA Today, Jan. 23

Meanwhile, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) are going bankrupt. Hurray!

DSA in Financial Crisis, Can’t Afford to Hire ‘Capable Comrades’… “A Marxist caucus of the country’s largest socialist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), accused top leaders of having mismanaged funds, leaving the organization in a dire ‘financial crisis’ and facing layoffs.” – Epoch Times, Jan. 22

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2024 Presidential Election Cycle in Amerika – NH Primary

2024 Presidential Election Cycle in Amerika – NH Primary