2024 Presidential Election Cycle in Amerika: The Dementia Panic

We are in the twilight hours of a 46th president who was installed without the American public’s consent under questionable voting results that were replete with voter fraud. Adding insult to injury is that Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign has fallen apart after his cognitive decline could no longer be ignored or covered up by sycophants in his administration and legacy media presstitutes after a calamitous debate with Trump that was televised live around the world. What was most surprising is that a CNN panel hostile towards Trump was panning Biden instead. His disastrous performance at the debate probably ruptured a political rebellion over a major riven (Israel-Hamas war?) between his apparatchiks and the Deep State cadre that controls Biden.

Drudge Headline Post Debate Night June 30, 2024

Tucker Carlson Reacts to Trump vs. Biden Debate in Sydney, Australia – TCN, Jun. 29


The following “bouquet of red flags” commentary from Australia’s leading news outlet appeared after the debate, then another on the Stephanopoulos Hail Mary interview from ABC News that was supposed to save Joe from a dementia hellstorm in the press and Capitol Hill politicos calling for an end to his reelection fantasy. Senator John Kennedy chimed in stateside with his witty style of not mincing words, and the land down under doubled down on the situation after numerous events over this past weekend made matters worse.

Trump’s one-liner the most “entertaining” and “painful” debate moment – SkyNews, Jul. 4


“What planet is this guy on”: Host reacts to Biden’s heavily edited interview – SkyNews, Jul. 6


Kennedy: “People Saw What They Saw” – Fox News, Jul. 5


Joe Biden a “stain” on the United States – SkyNews, Jul. 8


None of the above may come as a surprise to my readership, but it is for plebeians who ignore the world unfolding around them, are more concerned about the next sports event, are willful slaves to an idiot box and streaming subscriptions, or believed White House propaganda prior to the infamous debate that any videos indicating Biden suffers from cognitive impairment were just cheap fakes.” The mainstream rags are suddenly onboard with the dementia panic.

Time Cover June 2024 - Biden Panic

TIME – Panic


NYP July 8, 2024 Cover - Time To Go Joe

NY Post – Time To Go, Joe!


The Economist July 2024 Cover – No Way to Run a Country

The Economist – No Way to Run a Country

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Here is a short list of my rants since 2019:

“The domestic and geopolitical bedlam unfolding before our eyes is clear to the astute observer. It accentuates a need for prudent risk management to mitigate the counterparty risk that’s mushrooming at phrenetic speed in financial matters and to ensure the safety of your homestead. Do not depend on the bliss of normalcy bias… when the U.S. is facing simultaneous existential threats on numerous fronts. I did not envision the current wave of tyranny and despotic gaslighting to emanate from the White House when I published today’s headline collage in 2019 with a caricature of Pelosi.” – TraderStef, Mar. 13

Astute observers are aware that Biden’s fall from grace among his most ardent supporters is because it’s not just the economy, stupid.” It’s about the insanity ripping the U.S. apart due to lawfare, the lack of adult diplomacy to avoid a nuclear WW3 scenario, and numerous policies that have severely impacted national security and the average American’s ability to afford basic needs and feel secure within their own homes.

Biden's Accomplishments

Biden’s Accomplishments

“Time To Stop F*cking Around”: Meathead Rob Reiner Now Calls for Joe Biden to Step Down in Bid to “Save Democracy”… “Even Joe Biden’s most vocal Hollywood supporter, Rob Reiner, was left unimpressed with the President’s debate performance on Thursday evening. Reiner, known for his outspoken liberal views, took to social media platform X to express his disappointment. The director and actor claimed that the debate was a ‘disaster’ for 81-year-old Joe Biden.” – The Gateway Pundit, Jul. 7

Joe hasn’t been acting President anyway; it’s the Leftist policies killing America!… “The Biden administration is failing across a spectacular mountain of domestic and foreign policies. The American mountain of policy challenges includes, but hardly limited to – housing shortages, illegal immigration, election integrity, domestic crime, illegal alien crimes, national defense and security, secure national borders, primary, middle school & high school test scores, terrorist threats, Social Security and Medicare insolvency, income taxes, antisemitism, gender identity, diversity, equity inclusion (DEI), identity politics, foreign wars, foreign policy, student loan forgiveness, Supreme Court decisions, women’s reproductive rights, Critical Race Theory, Afghanistan, Ukrainian proxy war, Israel-Hamas war, sanctuary cities, college education costs, nuclear arms race, competitive space exploration, military preparedness, corrupt Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Justice, FBI, lawfare, climate change, Chinese military threat, nuclear North Korea, nuclear Iran, electric vehicle mandates, the CDC and pandemic policies, men in women’s sports, Biden judge nominations, Biden influence peddling, saving democracy, democratic party attacks on the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 14th, and 25th Constitutional Amendments. One cannot rattle off a list of policy ailments without calling out the ‘free press,’ which is free to blatantly prevaricate and propagandize in favor of the gone-radical, shamefully misnomered progressives dragging the democratic party so far left that they are in neverland! Quite simply, it is no longer just the economy stupid. It’s scores and scores of critical issues and policies that confront Americans daily, whether we care or not to acknowledge them. In short, it’s all the so-called progressive policies, stupid.” –America Out Loud, Jul. 7

For those that may be confused about the constitutional crisis, civil unrest, and political revolution that are unfolding outside their bubbles, the following explanation should help a few wake up and smell the coffee. Buckle up, savvies!

Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts On Recent Court Ruling: “What This Supreme Court Session Is About Is Restoring Ordered Liberty To This Republic – Second American Revolution Will Be Bloodless If The Left Allows It To Be.” – War Room, Jul. 2


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2024 Presidential Election Cycle in Amerika: The Dementia Panic

2024 Presidential Election Cycle in Amerika: The Dementia Panic