No longer confined to right-wing think tanks and conspiracy theory websites, the idea of leaving America has gained mainstream traction. One of the more popular Google searches is “how to move out of America.” To no surprise, the concept spiked in traffic due to rising social chaos and potential economic calamities.

Now, it’s fair to point out that the preparations for leaving America is incredibly broad. Probably most are in the loosely thinking stage. Others have put more thought and actual research into the topic. A handful are making deliberate plans, such as applying for citizenship in other countries. And only a select few have put those plans into motion.

Nevertheless, the point is that many Americans are frightened enough to at least consider the idea. And as both social and economic stability begin to fissure further, we’ll see a dramatic rise toward the exits. If you’re one of those folks, here are three tips on how to move out of America successfully.


Don’t Burn Your Bridges when Leaving America

In a chaotic world where paradigm shifts become the norm, agility will come at a premium. Therefore, I don’t like the idea of denouncing one’s citizenship to the U.S. or any other nation-state.

For one thing, revoking U.S. citizenship is akin to a criminal record. If you try to come back and reestablish your citizenship, the federal government will have a record of this. You’ll probably never have the opportunity to get past the visa lottery.

Second, you just never know when having that American passport could come in handy. Sure, in a post-apocalyptic world, that passport may be a liability. However, you can potentially establish trust quicker with a local expatriate community.

In other words, don’t burn your bridges if you don’t have to.


Go to Countries Which Fit Your Demographic

This is a controversial tip. Nevertheless, we’ve got to talk about it to ensure your happiness (and possibly, your survival). When picking a “SHTF” country, go to where the native people look like you.

Put simply, if you’re white, go to European and preferably eastern European countries. If you’re Asian, go to the country of your ethnic ancestry (if such a move makes political sense).

And if you’re black or Hispanic? Your best move is likely to stay put in the U.S. and stock up on guns and ammunition.

Why do I say this? Because underlining the broader narrative of leaving America is racial replacement. It’s the extreme version of white flight, or white families leaving their neighborhoods due to increasing diversity.

Thus, if this “white flight” continues, the U.S. will become predominantly black and brown, allowing you to fit into this new demographic reality.


Do a Stability Check First

When discussing possible SHTF scenarios in private company, I often hear my colleagues talk about leaving to Latin America. That sounds great at first due to proximity, but I think it’s a death trap. Always do a political stability check before seriously considering leaving America.

If you look at the history of Latin American politics, it’s rife with chaos and corruption. Presumably, you won’t speak Spanish or Portuguese. Moreover, you may not look like the native population. Therefore, you’re going to stand out if another wave of violence – and it will inevitably happen – sparks.

A desirable country on perhaps many people’s list is England due to shared language and some cultural nuances. But even here, I’d avoid it. That’s because England is a crime-ridden disaster and is steadily becoming a failed nation.

Indeed, the astute English are looking for a way out. Therefore, you certainly don’t want to come in!