A Revolution is Afoot Masquerading as Civil War – Part 4: Prudent Prepping

Since starting this series in late fall 2020 about the potential for a cold or hot civil war in the United States, variables that contributed to the current state of heightened awareness were hiding in plain sight for those willing to see and acknowledge them. For the reasons “we’re all preppers now” that are noted throughout a plethora of topics penned in recent years, I often encourage prudent preparation by getting your financial house in order, stocking a pantry with non-perishables (preferably freeze-dried food), and exercising your inalienable second amendment right to bear firearms (aka beans, bullets, and bullion).

Preaching readiness does not come from a place of doom, gloom, or fearmongering for clickbait but rather to remind all of us that prior generations did so based on common sense, personal experience, or it was instilled by family and friends who experienced problematic circumstances in their lives. My grandparents who legally immigrated to the U.S. prior to WW1 survived the war’s societal fallout, lost a majority of family members during the 1917-1919 flu pandemic, were financially devastated in the Great Depression, and weathered challenges on the home front during WW2 with less difficulty due to experiences and lessons learned from past tribulations.

We are living in an era that is fraught with dyspeptic visions while being bombarded by dystopian domestic news and horrific wars unfolding abroad. In a speech that Tucker Carlson delivered last fall at the Global 360 conference in Las Vegas, he emphasized the importance of truth amid wokeness, censorship, coercion, thought police, culture wars, cancel culture, blacklisting, hit lists, fake news, propaganda, false narratives, blatant violations of our rights as U.S. citizens, misinformation and disinformation from legacy media conglomerates, financial and geopolitical bedlam, threats of escalation into full-blown WW3 and the use of nuclear weapons, and infiltration of cartel organized (video) crime syndicates via an out-of-control U.S. border crisis that’s literally a Ho Chi Minh trail-like (video) invasion into our country orchestrated by Biden’s cohorts from the so-called progressive left DSA party and some uniparty RINOs. Without question, “the truth of the facts matter most,” and Tucker’s speech is posted at the end of this article. You know the situation is serious when Michael Rapaport admits (video) he’s been red-pilled.

The news that prompted today’s addition to this civil war series was a press conference by Sheriff Richard Jones from Butler County, Ohio. He attended the National Sheriff’s Association conference in Washington, D.C., where the FBI delivered an intelligence warning to attendees. In the days and months following 9/11, first responders and local law enforcement were dumbfounded to find out they were not privy to warnings that were given to the Clinton and Bush administrations about an imminent threat of a terroristic attack. The FBI’s motivation behind sharing intelligence with the sheriffs was to avoid making the same mistake they did prior to 9/11.

Presser with Sheriff Jones from Ohio – WDTNTV, Feb. 7


ALERT! US border invasion reaches boiling point and Dems admit disaster in sanctuary cities – Michael Yon on Redacted, Feb. 4 ( 39:43 to 55:35 timestamp)


Last week, Governor Abbott of Texas described a NYC plan as “insanity” that provides illegal migrants with $53 million in cash and incentivizes more illegal “asylum seekers” to cross into the country.

Abbott Reacts to Biden’s Apathy at the Border… “Every migrant will receive a free pre-paid debit card each month on top of the free shelter, healthcare, and electronics that the government has provided them. Homeless citizens, veterans even, do not receive this luxury. Adams said the program will save taxpayers in the state $7.2 million annually when there is no reason for citizens to pay for illegal aliens in the first place… These socialistic programs almost guarantee that more people will cross into America in the days and weeks to come. Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution defines treason as ‘levying war’ against the United States or ‘adhering to [the] enemies [of the United States], giving them aid and comfort’ and that is precisely what is happening to our once great nation.” – Armstrong Economics, Feb. 8

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I warned about the illegal immigration crisis starting in 2021 with “Biden’s Election Launched a New Illegal Immigration Rush” Part 1, 2, 3, and 4, and I talked about revolutionary undertones with “A Revolution is Afoot and Masquerading as Civil War” Part 1 from late 2020, 2 last fall, and 3 last month. Here is an excerpt from Jan. 2024:

“The number of so-called asylum seekers crossing the southern border in Dec. 2023 reached the highest monthly total ever recorded with 302,000 encounters that exclude the unknown number of gotaways. Of note is the 7,300% spike in illegal immigrants with terrorist ties crossing the southern border. On Jan. 2, 2024, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Biden ‘is destroying America’ in response to a lawsuit threat from the Department of Justice (DOJ) after the passage of SB 4 legislation in Texas that allows its law enforcement to arrest anyone illegally crossing into the U.S… Border security has emerged as a key 2024 presidential election issue in the GOP’s favor while Capitol Hill battles over unbridled war funding and the national debtCongress pushed the budget battle out to March with yet another continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown… The standoff between Texas and the Biden administration has escalated to a boiling point following a SCOTUS decision that allows Border Patrol officials to cut concertina wire (aka razor wire) and remove obstructions from the border. On Jan. 23, DHS demanded in a cease and desist letter to Texas… Governor Abbot penned a statement in response to Biden administration demands saying that Texas has the constitutional right to self-defense and that he declared an ‘invasion’ back in Nov. 2023 to invoke his authority.” – TraderStef, Jan. 26

 “SECRET”: Democrats kept border bill hidden for months – Senator Ted Cruz, Feb. 8


Today’s New York Post cover article says it all as a lawless crime wave metastasizes across the country with woke district attorneys unwilling to impose bail, prosecute criminal activity, and instead give illegal aliens extreme leniency. “Migrants” that attack and beat NYC police officers go free, and NYC police are being fired upon by Biden’s imports.

NYP Lawless Cover Feb. 10, 2024

NYP Lawless Cover Feb. 10, 2024

Migrants accused of beating two NYPD cops in Times Square and freed without bail by woke DA Alvin Bragg are ARRESTED in Phoenix bus station after fleeing the Big Apple… “A group of seven migrants set upon NYPD officers in Times Square on January 27: seven were arrested, six of them charged, and five freed without bail. Four of the six suspects charged are believed to have fled New York, but on Monday at least three of them were detained at a bus station in Phoenix. Of the six migrants charged, five were released on bail, sparking backlash” – Daily Mail U.K., Feb. 6

Meanwhile, apparatchiks on Capitol Hill are scheming to end ammunition sales at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Missouri and harm national security. Attorney generals from 28 states are defending the ammo plant from an erroneous Democrat onslaught.” The mob in Washington is also working on legislation to ban private sales of guns while Biden is once again threatening law-abiding Americans with military force if they resist against any gun control measures. It is getting wild, folks, so get prepped to the best of your ability ASAP.

Tucker Carlson: “People Should Be Preparing” – Patriot Base (Global 360 Conference Nov. 2023)


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A Revolution is Afoot Masquerading as Civil War – Part 4: Prudent Prepping

A Revolution is Afoot Masquerading as Civil War – Part 4: Prudent Prepping