A Winter Mutant Wave in China is Globe-Trotting

The BF.7 mutation is a sub-lineage of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid) Omicron’s BA.5 that’s believed to be causing the current surge of infection and death ripping through China. It’s starting to raise concerns around the world that we’re witnessing a replay of the Wuhan experience. After enforcing draconian lockdowns that nearly resulted in a revolution by the people, China relaxed all previous restrictions as its citizens travel around the world in the heat of another outbreak, but this time is different on numerous levels.

France, Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries are reporting a marked increase of Covid cases that include BF.7. India’s politicos and media are expressing alarm over what’s happening in China after India identified several BF.7 cases in international travelers. India and Pakistan are strengthening their Covid travel and social policies as India considers an outright ban on direct flights from China. Meanwhile in the U.S., this fall’s experience that’s unrelated to the current outbreak in China is described by family tribes in legacy media is prescient.

We’re Living in Virus Hell… “The kids are sick. The parents are not well. Wasn’t this year supposed to be easier? Instead, the onslaught of viruses this fall has been so monstrous and relentless that it seems like every parent I know — friends, colleagues, neighbors, everyone — has a story to tell. These are not nice stories. These are stories narrated in a distinctly fatigued-yet-frantic tone, and they always feature specific, memorized numbers… This year’s ‘tripledemic‘ — the dreaded collision of covid, RSV and the flu — is unprecedented in recent history… Whatever the precise convergence of causes, the result is a full-blown public health crisis and the worst flu season in over a decade. Hospitals are overrun, antibiotics and fever-reducing medications are in short supply, and parents — who have already been running on fumes for literal years — have been reduced to tears and torrents of curses texted to one another at 3 a.m.… After my son broke out in welts, I took him to the pediatrician for his fourth visit in three weeks. The nurse told me, in a vaguely haunted voice: ‘I have been doing this for more than 20 years. I have never, ever seen a fall like this.’ This did not make me feel better, exactly, because no one wants to live through the Middle Ages Redux.” – Washington Post, Dec. 9

BF.7 is highly transmissible with a shorter incubation period, and has a higher capacity to cause re-infection irrelevant of “vaccination” status. The study published in Cell Host and Microbe journal found that BF.7 has a 4.4-fold higher neutralization resistance than the original Wuhan strain, which indicates existing antibodies in any population is not effective enough.

Jennifer Zeng Twitter on New China Outbreak Dec. 18, 2022

China Omicron Chart

Chart Courtesy of ZH


China estimates 250M (18% of pop) caught Covid in 20 days – WION, Dec. 24


Despite Omicron’s lineage exhibiting increased contagiousness but lower mortality rates thus far, the wide range of Covid mutants circulating in the global reservoir will continue to tread nature’s path and circumvent existing antibodies that impede potential carnage. What is likely taking place is the continuation of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) that spurs existing antibody and jab resistant mutants (i.e., breakthrough cases, immune escape). As emphasized by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, you “cannot vaccinate your way out of a pandemic.” 

Next Covid-19 Strain May be More Dangerous, Lab Study Shows… “The analysis ‘may indicate that  SARS-CoV-2 evolution in long-term infection does not have to result in attenuation,’ the researchers said in their findings, which were released on Nov. 24. ‘It may indicate that a future variant could be more pathogenic than currently circulating omicron strains.’ There’s also concern that China, where the zero-covid policy has limited contagion to date, could spawn a new variant if infections take hold and there is a huge surge in cases, according to Christian Drosten, Germany’s most prominent virologist.” – Bloomberg, Nov. 28

I introduced ADE to my readership in spring of 2020 after listening to virology geeks and Dr. Henry Niman’s commentary throughout the Wuhan outbreak. The experience led me down a path to penning an ongoing pandemic anthology that began in January 2020. The following interview with Dr. Robert Malone was included in “The Great Pivot – Disregard of Informed Consent and Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2,” published in July 2021. He provides a brief and succinct explanation of ADE. Also at minimum, listen to the first 30 minutes of Dr. Paul Cottrell’s commentary published this morning where he opines on the current situation.



Expect to see increasing news coverage as politicos and the media never let a good crisis go to waste, and will entertain lockdowns or renewed restrictions in some form placed upon a public that’s increasingly aware and red pilled. Discernment is required when assessing fear driven reports from legacy media sources, but I don’t recommend ignorance out of exhaustion, believe SARS does not exist, and disregard its chimeric origin via artificial intelligence and biosynthetic-parasitic bioweapon technology brewed in biolabs (see interview w/Karen Kingston) that’s traceable through a patent history timeline documented by Dr. David Martin.

China’s Medical Experts Die in Recent Weeks Amid COVID Resurgence… “Ten prominent Chinese medical experts passed away in December amid the surge across the country after Beijing abruptly lifted its zero-COVID curbs with no plan put in place for a measured retreat of policy. Most were members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), two were allegedly involved in forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience. While Chinese media reported the deaths resulting from ‘illness,’ they didn’t provide additional info… ‘It’s indeed strange that they died in December one after another—especially the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th.’” – Epoch Times, Dec. 23


US Urges China to Share Information on Outbreak as It Spreads Rapidly… “Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has urged the CCP to share information on the current surge in China as it’s impacting the rest of the world… ‘It has implications not just for China, but for the entire world. So, we would like to see that happen,’ he added… The CCP hasn’t responded. Meanwhile, it turned down the German government’s offer of BioNTech vaccines to the Chinese masses, only allowing shipment of it for 20,000 German expats living in China. Blinken also reiterated the U.S. government’s concerns over virus mutation.” – Epoch Times, Dec. 23


Covid-19’s Spread in China Might Tell Us How Deadly Omicron Really Is… “Tracking Omicron’s impact in China will be a challenge because undercounted deaths could obscure deadliness and blind residents to the full danger, public-health experts said. They, along with relatives of deceased patients, have said they think the government isn’t publicizing the full toll from the virus. China has reported a handful of deaths since it ended its control policies… Omicron’s ability to spread so easily can still lead to significant deaths, even if individuals face lower risk.” – WSJ, Dec. 24


Packed ICUs, crowded crematoriums: COVID roils Chinese towns… “As China grapples with its first-ever national COVID-19 wave… emergency wards are overwhelmed. Intensive care units turn away ambulances, relatives of sick people are searching for open beds, and patients are slumped on benches in hospital corridors and lying on floors… The CCP has reported only seven deaths since restrictions were loosened dramatically on Dec. 7, bringing the country’s total toll to 5,241. On Tuesday, a Chinese health official said that China only counts deaths from pneumonia or respiratory failure, a narrow definition that excludes many deaths that would be attributed to COVID-19 in other places. Experts have forecast up to 2 million deaths in China by end of next year, and a top WHO official warned that Beijing’s way of counting would ‘underestimate the true death toll.’” – Associated Press, Dec. 24

There’s plenty going on in the world without being concerned over a wave in China, but TPTB will take every opportunity to encourage more Borg-like behavior that voluntarily inoculate themselves with an experimental mRNA gene-modification jab. Despite a red pilled reality of fibrous blood clotting documented in the “Died Suddenly” phenomenon we’re living through, please don’t let your guard down to the potential for a devastating mutant. It might not be this one, or could be the next one if mother nature takes advantage of man-made Pharmakeia and do what she does very efficiently. Lastly, the following roundtable from India is worth your time.

Have a Merry Christmas and give those closest to your heart a big hug this year.

Covid Numbers Upsurge In China, What Is Xi Jinping Hiding?Republic World, Dec. 24, 2022 (0 – 37:00 timestamp, includes Chinese whistleblower/insider Dr. Li-Meng Yan Ph.D. in NY, a virologist and independent coronavirus expert who escaped Hong Kong in Apr. 2020)


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A Winter Mutant Wave in China is Globe-Trotting

A Winter Mutant Wave in China is Globe-Trotting