Biden’s Election Launched a New Illegal Immigration Rush - Part 3

The first casualty of war is truth, and the overwhelming majority of the American public has been deceived or intentionally ignores the flood and breadth of illegal immigrants streaming into the United States, the NATO proxy war (Part XIII and Twitter thread) in Ukraine on the verge of launching WW3, and many other topics that are too numerous to mention today. The mainstream media is finally being forced to report on the humanitarian crisis taking place on the U.S. southern border as President Trump’s enforcement of Title 42 is set to expire next week. It was created as part of the Public Health Service Act under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944 and was designed to prevent the introduction of contagious diseases in the U.S. The Trump administration invoked the order to restrict entry into the U.S. at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

This catastrophe is occurring while the U.S. economy is headed into a hard-landing recession (Part 1 and 2’s thread) amid a full-blown banking crisis. Border towns in the southwest and major cities across the U.S. have been overwhelmed by a wave of human trafficking for nearly two years. Municipalities can no longer provide enough shelter or afford the cost, and without sufficient resources, many towns and cities are forced to declare a state of emergency. Michael Yon’s recent report from the Darien Gap this week is a must-see interview at the end of this article. The devasting scene unfolding in El Paso, Texas, is one example of the fallout due to inept leadership in the White House. Here’s an excerpt from Part 2 (thread) and three recent video clips:

“The unrestrictive policy implemented by the Biden administration has produced record numbers that exceeded any expectation… An Associated Press investigation at the southern border this past summer found that the flood of migrants is from at least 115 countries, and a recent Judicial Watch estimate is 150 via ICE data, which includes terrorists, drug cartels, MS-13 gang members, and human trafficking. It’s so bad that illegal aliens are climbing out of sewer manholes in downtown El Paso.” – TraderStef, Jan. 2023

Ted Cruz Eviscerates DHS Sec. Mayorkas at Border Crisis Hearing – U.S. Senate, Mar. 2023


CNN Finally Reports on Magnitude of Border Crisis – GOP War Room, May 2


Karine Jean-Pierre False Claim: Illegal Immigration Down 90% – Ted Cruz, May 3


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In late January of this year, the border city of Yuma, Arizona, was reported to be on the brink of collapse with hospitals and food banks overloaded due to the unprecedented flow of migrants. The Mayor of New York City released an estimate on how much it was costing his taxpayers to be a “sanctuary city” while he sent police to clear a migrant sidewalk encampment that protested their eviction from a hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

Border city is on brink of collapse: Number of crossings is ‘highest for thirty years’… “Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines slammed the Biden administration for its handling of the border crisis and said his county will crumble as it can’t support the cascading flow of migrants… Most of the migrants are drawn to the area by the relative ease of crossing the border, officials say. According to Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls, there are 50 breaks in the border wall along the 126-mile Yuma sector, including the infamous ‘Gap’… A strain has also been put on the city when it comes to food, with migrants walking across crop fields risking a pillar of the community’s local economy. Yuma is the winter lettuce capital of the US due to its famed all-year-round sun… ‘Everything’s been 100% sanitized… It’s a lie… They’re misrepresenting what’s actually happening at the border.’” – Daily Mail UK, Jan. 23


Joe, we told you so! Anyone with a heart knows that Biden’s immigrant policies aren’t compassionate. They are destroying lives.” – David Marcus, Jan. 30


Migrants Arriving on Buses to Cost New Yorkers More than $4 Billion… “Since the spring of last year, close to 50,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have arrived in the sanctuary city of New York City — sent on buses mostly from Texas, although Arizona has also sent a few thousand. In November 2022, an estimate from the Independent Budget Office found that the steady arrival of border crossers would cost New Yorkers ‘at least’ $850 million. Sources close to Mayor Eric Adams’ office now reveal to local media that the cost estimate to New Yorkers is closer to about $4.2 billion for Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023. That cost estimate includes what it will take to clothe, house, educate, and provide medical services to border crossers arriving on a weekly basis to the city… Through an expansive Catch and Release network, coupled with a parole pipeline, the Biden administration is fast-tracking border crossers into the U.S. interior and providing them with work permits.” – Breitbart, Feb. 2

When Biden delivered his State of the Union (SOTU) speech from Capitol Hill on Feb. 7, he claimed success in driving illegal migration “down” after the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency had just reported 250,000 migrant encounters in Dec. 2022 alone, the highest month on record. After the SOTU, even former Gov. Andrew Cuomo slammed Biden’s open border policy and said the federal government was “not prepared” for the influx of immigration. Cuomo did not agree with southern states sending immigrants to Democrat sanctuary cities such as NYC but admitted that the uncontrolled flow of illegal activity across the border was causing problems nationwide.

“Rather than building the wall, the Biden Administration has built an app that allows migrants to reserve a time – from their phones – to cross the border! Concierge service for illegal immigrants.” – Senator Josh Hawley, Mar. 28


Biden Greatly Expands Program to offer Illegal Immigrants in the U.S. “Temporary” Reprieve… “Besides condoning record-breaking illegal immigration, the Biden administration is quietly protecting hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals who for years have lived in the U.S. illegally by multiplying a program designed to offer temporary reprieve. The provisional amnesty is known as Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a humanitarian measure designed to shield undocumented aliens from deportation.” – Judicial Watch, Apr. 25


I was JUST turned away at Downtown Chicago‘s luxury migrant hotel near the Magnificent Mile… “The hotel’s manager yelled at me that the hotel is CLOSED FOR YOU but it isn’t closed to migrants. The standard room normally goes for $239/night but I bet Chicago taxpayers are footing the bill. Here’s part 1 of my investigation.” – William Kelly (video), May 2


Chicago Mayor Begs Texas Governor To Stop Busing Illegal Immigrants… “Outgoing Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot sent a letter to Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday asking him to stop sending any more illegal immigrants from the southern border to her city. ‘We simply have no more shelters, spaces, or resources to accommodate an increase of individuals at this level.’” – Epoch Times, May 2

At a panel discussion hosted by the African American Mayors Association in Washington, D.C. on Apr. 21, one day after New York’s Mayor Eric Adams signed an executive order to extend the state of emergency in NYC, he said the illegal immigration crisis has “destroyed” his city and the Biden administration had done nothing to help deal with the problem it created. Adams was also concerned about the expiration of Title 42, warning that New York’s “52k asylum seekers could jump to 100k if we don’t get this under control.”

Also being widely reported are the hundreds of military-age Chinese men heading toward the U.S. in migrant groups from South and Central America through the Darien Gap

“What they do is they get on a flight, and they fly into some South American country. Then from there, they would go to Colombia, they would go across the jungle, pop out in Panama, and then they would head up to the United States. But this is going to be for people that can’t fly into the U.S. directly. … You’d rather just fly into the U.S. and overstay your visa. This is for people that don’t have that access for whatever reason… Chinese nationals are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into the U.S. in unprecedented numbers this year, with the first few months of FY 2023 already eclipsing the total for 2022.” – Fox News, Apr. 19 

Map of Directions to U.S. Provided by NGO's for Migrants

Map to U.S. provided by NGOs at Darien Gap, Panama – Michael Yon


Morning of day 2 in the Darien Gap — More of what the left don’t want you to see! Little did we know only a couple hours later we would be in the middle of a fire-fight between our Senafront escorts and Columbian cartel. This is what democrat open borders looks like!” – Ben Bergquam, RAV-TV (video), Apr. 8


Darien Gap, Panama — Millions without a dime in their pockets are streaming into America’s broken economy (live video from Panama migrant camps). There will be war. Panama is being forced to participate as traitors within the U.S. Government to intentionally destroy United States.” – Michael Yon, Apr. 13

More chaos is about to arrive at the southern border. When the CBP loses its Title 42 authority that helps control the unprecedented wave of immigrants, apprehensions are expected to double to a record high of 400k every month. That does not include thousands of “gotaways” who cross illegally with no intention of surrendering to CBP for asylum. Those are Dept. of Homeland Security estimates. March 2023 marked 25 consecutive months that apprehensions surpassed 150k, a new record. The 1,500 unarmed active military personnel the Biden administration is sending to the border this week are not there to secure the border but to relieve CBP agents from desk bureaucracy. The Biden administration has already destroyed the economy and has no plan to slow it down. Be sure your homestead and financial house are in order.

Engineered Migrant Invasion Targeting U.S. Border – Michael Yon, May 2


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Biden’s Election Launched a New Illegal Immigration Rush - Part 3

Biden’s Election Launched a New Illegal Immigration Rush – Part 3