Biden’s Election Launched a New Illegal Immigration Rush – Part 4 Government Shutdown

What is likely the most significant political and fiscal confrontation on the table for early 2024 in the United States as plebes and politicos position themselves heading into the 2024 presidential election cycle is a budget battle on Capitol Hill over shutting down illegal immigration across the southern border due to national security concerns vs. the continuation of untenable sovereign debt, funding of foreign border wars in Ukraine and Israel, and Biden’s treasonous apparatchiks that enabled a U.S. border crisis to unfold. A laddered continuing resolution was signed in mid-November 2023 that delayed another government shutdown threat until Jan. 19 (agriculture, energy, water, military construction, VA, transportation, HUD, healthcare, and a farm bill extension) and Feb. 2, 2024 (commerce, justice, science, defense, financial services, general government, homeland security, interior, environment, labor, HHS, education, legislative branch, and state/foreign operation bills).

With an already strained​ domestic fiscal policy situation, the rapidly rising national debt that breached $34 trillion last week, a mind-blowing $1 trillion in annual interest to service that debt, and unfunded liabilities clocking in at roughly $210 trillion (via Professor Laurence Kotlikoff), Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell repeated in October that we’re on a unsustainable fiscal path under the Biden administration’s incompetent priorities and we’ll have to get off that path sooner rather than later.”

“It’s official: US National Debt hits $34 trillion for the first time, over $12 trillion higher than where it stood just 5 years ago (55% increase).” – Charlie Bilello, Jan. 2

US National Debt 1981-Dec. 2023

U.S. National Debt 1981-Dec. 2023


Biden’s response to his unmitigated disasters is to blame everybody else, label anyone that opposes his policy failures as an extremist, leave citizens that were anywhere near the capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 to rot in U.S. jails, and allow his cohorts to illegally remove Republican candidates from election ballots. That kind of behavior was on full display with unhinged anger during a speech he delivered at Valley Forge on Friday and is reminiscent of his “inner Mussolini” that emerged during a 2022 speech in Philadelphia (today’s headline image).

David Collum Twiiter on Biden's Jan. 5, 2023 Speech

A GOP delegation traveled to the U.S.’ southern border over the last several days and spoke candidly about shutting down the government if the border crisis is not rectified immediately. Every state in America is now a border state.. it’s absolute insanity.”

Speaker Mike Johnson: Biden has authority to stop this madness – The Hill, Jan. 3 (full 48-minute presser)


Shut down the border or shut down the government – Rep. Matt Gaetz, Jan. 3


The White House entered panic mode on Friday because they realize a government shutdown to ring in the New Year is imminent but continue to gaslight the U.S. public with false Ukraine war narratives about Russia, display unwavering support for Israel’s war in Gaza against Hamas that’s heading to a wider Middle East conflict, have no interest in peaceful diplomacy, prefer chaos, and ignore domestic national security amid a self-inflicted border crisis. Biden’s lapdogs are warning congressional leadership that they “have to” replenish Ukraine with more funds or Kyiv will not have the ability to pay civil servants that ensure its government continues to function. Shalanda Young, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, stressed that “there is no avenue to help Ukraine other than approved funding by Congress” and the Pentagon’s authority to provide ongoing support is hinged upon that outcome. When Zelensky visited the U.S. last month while globetrotting as a beggar for more war funding, Biden flipped on his administration’s promise of unlimited financial aid and weapon support from NATO and the U.S. after repeating the initial tagline for two years.

Biden ‘not making promises’ US will further assist Ukraine… “Biden said the U.S. would continue to supply Ukraine with air defenses, artillery, and other weapons ‘as long as we can’ — a far cry from the yearslong refrain that Washington would stand side by side with Kyiv for ‘as long as it takes.’”Politico, Dec. 12


Top White House budget official warns of ‘dire’ situation on Ukraine aid… “Young said she is not yet pessimistic, but that ‘I’m not optimistic’ on the prospects of averting a shutdown in the coming weeks because of sharp new warnings from House Republicans, dozens of whom traveled to the border this week with Speaker Mike Johnson, that they were willing to shutter the government if they didn’t extract sufficient concessions on border policy from the White House… Asked whether the emergency spending request with Ukraine should pass before legislation to fund the government, Young added: ‘I’ll take it however they can pass it. I mean, beggars shouldn’t be choosing. And I’ll take it, how they can pass it. It just needs to be passed.’” – CNBC, Jan. 6

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Meanwhile, our southern border is out of control, and Democrat-run metropolises that claim to be sanctuary cities are having a hissy fit. Municipal budgets and services around the country that have been forced to support an influx of illegal immigrants are on the brink of collapse. High on that list are the mayors of New York City, Chicago, and Denver who are pleading for more federal help over the growing number of asylum-seekers arriving by bus and plane. More than 161,000 migrants arrived in New York City since mid-2023, Chicago absorbed at least 26,000 since last year, and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston says the influx “will crush city budgets around the country” after his city took on 35,000 last year. Consider the following graph vs. the number of immigrants those sanctuary mayors are complaining about:

Apprehensions and Expulsions Registered by the U.S. Border Patrol 1929-2023

Apprehensions and Expulsions Registered by the U.S. Border Patrol 1929-2023


The dictator and chief rammed through an unprecedented amount executive orders within weeks of occupying the White House that included policies which incentivized illegal immigration by pausing deportations, ended border wall construction, and suspended the “remain in Mexico” rule.

Biden’s Executive Orders & Actions in First 100 Days - CNN, Apr. 2021

Biden’s Executive Orders & Actions in First 100 Days – CNN, Apr. 2021


Since then, over 8 million people have illegally entered the U.S. with millions more known as “gotaways” who slipped past border patrol. It’s costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions per year, budgets are being slashed for essential services U.S. citizens pay for with tax dollars, and the incalculable toll on humanity is also expressed through murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, drug smuggling, crime waves plaguing U.S. cities, and the human trafficking of women and children.

Border Sector Chiefs Confirm Operational Impacts Of Border Chaos: Increased Gotaways, Closed Checkpoints, Empowered Cartels – Homeland Security Committee | U.S. House of Representatives, Dec. 20


From US Border Patrol Source… “It’s worse than you think. The reports you seeing about the change in questions of Chinese are 100% correct. But it is not just Chinese. There was a time when the Border Patrol would try to get to the truth of illegal alien’s background, that is no longer the case. The priority is in processing fir release as fast as possible. Agents will get questioned as to why they did not get more files done if they do not do as many as management wants done in a shift. Example: I have done one file in a shift and my management all the way to the top in the station was extremely unhappy. They were asking questions as to why I only did one and if I needed additional training! The only focus of Border Patrol management is to process illegal aliens for release as fast as possible.” – Michael Yon, Jan. 4

The graphic below charts data obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services on monthly calls that reported trafficking, neglect, or the abuse of minors placed with sponsors since 2018.

Government Human Trafficking via HHS


December Marked the Largest Border Breach in US History… “The backlog at the US-Mexico border has surpassed 3 million… The latest House estimate states that the ANNUAL cost to support illegal migrants will be, at minimum, $451 billion per year. Trump requested a small fraction of that to build a wall and secure the border. Only those deep within the establishment understand that this is an inside job. Liberal sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago are pleading for help… On top of this we have countless stories of migrants committing violent crimes. No one knows who these people (mostly military-aged men) are or where they come from, and it presents a major issue for law enforcement… The establishment is offering the full socialist experience to migrants. They can seek ‘asylum’ here and receive free shelter, food, healthcare, and monthly payments. The majority cannot work in the US and are completely supported by the American taxpayer… We have the resources to secure Ukraine’s border and Israel’s border. Janet Yellen said the US could absolutely afford two wars, but what about the invasion happening at home? This would not be happening if the establishment did not want to push American infrastructure to the brink… This will be one of the catalysts that leads the U.S. into a civil war… Cities are warning that their infrastructure WILL collapse at this rate. What happens then?” – Armstrong Economics, Jan. 2

I’ve published numerous articles on today’s topic since 2018:

Biden and his despicable Department of Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who’s under impeachment review for dereliction of duty can halt the border crisis with a few phone calls and the stroke of a pen. Let’s close shop tonight with an Iranian national who crossed illegally into Jacumba, California last month. He warns America of what’s coming during an interview with Real America’s Voice.

Iranian national who crossed illegally into California warns Americans


Sanctuary Cities Don’t Want To Stop Illegal Immigration – They Just Want More Money From Taxpayers – Real America’s Voice, Jan. 2


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Biden’s Election Launched a New Illegal Immigration Rush – Part 4 Government Shutdown

Biden’s Election Launched a New Illegal Immigration Rush – Part 4 Government Shutdown