In my several years contributing content to Crush The Street and Future Money Trends, I’ve almost always focused on the big banking cartel as one of the fundamental barriers to financial independence. I still believe that. However, with the prevalence of health myths, particularly “cancer studies,” I have an even greater target: Big Pharma.

While big banks may kill your dreams and aspirations, Big Pharma kills you. But before they do that, they want to extract every single dollar out of you. To the pharmaceutical industry, you are no more than a line item on their income statement. The name of the game, as I’ve mentioned in prior posts, is not to race for the cure; instead, it’s to offer health management solutions.

A key tactic that Big Pharma deploys to their benefit, and to your detriment, is misinformation. Health myths, such as excessive salt consumption leading to fatal diseases, actually prevent you from maintaining a proper diet and internal balance. As you consume the pharmaceutical industry’s health myths, you get sicker until you’re forced into taking their “therapies.”

In all seriousness, Big Pharma conglomerates should incorporate a cash register as their new logo.

Consider this startling forecast from from reported cases in 2012 until 2030, worldwide cancer diagnoses will spike 50% from 14 million to 21 million. In addition, a 60% worldwide jump in cancer-related deaths will occur over the same time frame.

Yet according to these same cancer studies, in the U.S., cancer-related deaths fell by 25% from 1990 to 2014. That indicates to me that companies that specialize in oncology know damn well how to cure cancer – they just won’t reveal it because curing lacks a revenue stream. And they’ll let the developing world die off because they couldn’t afford the treatments to begin with; hence the dichotomy between declining deaths in the U.S. and projected increases in deaths internationally.

Before you say this is just merely a conspiracy theory, recall that one of the most popular health myths today is that excessive salt consumption causes cancer. This is particularly a strange accusation in that salt has always been highly regarded throughout human history.

In ancient times, an ounce of salt was worth an ounce of gold. Roman soldiers were paid in salt (which is where we get the term salary, from the Latin “sal,” which means salt). Jesus Christ said that “salt was good.”

Multiple cancer studies link high salt consumption to malignant tumor growth, yet shockingly few link excess sugar consumption to cancer rates. Sugar looks just like salt, and is considerably more attractive to the palate. Yet it is a corrosive molecule that catalyzes an acidic response in our body when consumed.

Is it any wonder, then, that scientists more than 50 years ago were on course to establishing a link between sugar and cancer!? Instead, through backdoor shenanigans that I will explain in a future post, fat and starches were to blame.

Today, health myths focus on salt as the dietary “bad guy.” But ask yourself this: has anyone ever died from not eating enough sugar? Probably not.

But you can quite easily and painfully die from not eating enough salt. That, my friends, is stone cold fact.