Big Pharma has always succeeded in running a government-endorsed racket, but the depths of their depravity continue to shock. Through extensive research conducted by social scientists and community advocates, it’s becoming clear that a horrifying link exists between Big Pharma and African Americans who have gone missing.

According to FBI data, in 2016, 647,435 Americans of all races were reported missing. Of that figure, 37% were non-Hispanic minorities (Hispanics are not considered a race, and are included in the white section). And within the minority group, an overwhelming majority are missing African Americans. This is especially surprising given that the black population is only 13.3% of the total U.S. population, according to census reports.

Roughly speaking, missing African Americans exceed their “share” of the population by a whopping 150% margin. Yet whites that disappear underrepresent their share by 22% — and that’s including Hispanics considered as whites!

What’s going on? Various African American “truth movement” members have proposed a shocking theory: that Big Pharma elites are deliberating killing (young) African Americans for their “black organs.” And while the theory sounds garishly outlandish at first, the idea of powerful elites hunting and harvesting black organs isn’t without merit.

Consider the case of Kendrick Johnson, who was only 17 years old at the time of his death. Initially reported as an accidental death, a private autopsy request changed everything. His body (which was initially found in a high school gym) upon exhumation was discovered to have all his organs removed. In their place were newspapers and department store circulars.

The very scary and very real black market for human organs is an international dilemma. Yet why is it that black organs – if this theory about missing African Americans is true – are highly desired?

For one thing, black genes are superior to those of whites and other races.

The perhaps startling announcement wasn’t made by some fringe racial supremacy group, but rather, by researchers from Cornell University, and reported by Fox News. Moreover, another study revealed that black African babies advance earlier and faster than white European babies. Other studies reveal that certain African populations are genetically superior runners.

All this is to say that black organs are superior to white or Asian organs – black organs are more robust, resilient to disease and infection, and are generally more powerful. With such attributes, it’s only a matter of time before Big Pharma gets their way.

And believe me, they already have. Theoretically, if a human body was stripped of all of its usable elements and components, it would be worth about $45 million! But black bodies are worth considerably more in that they have the most melanin – a natural pigment that is responsible for skin color, along with other features.

In fact, Sigma-Aldrich sells synthetic melanin for a whopping $79 per 100 milligrams! At that rate, one troy ounce of melanin would amount to $24,571.78. For comparison, one troy ounce of gold costs $1,350.30 at time of writing.

Not to be cynical but considering that blacks are everywhere and often occupy the lowest social strata means that Big Pharma could literally operate a human gold mine. And who would complain? What real voice do African Americans have?

Even in alternative media circles, bringing up this issue would only result in accusations of reverse racism. Others would quickly denounce the connection between Big Pharma and missing African Americans as a wild conspiracy theory.

Which I must say is strange: people only need a modicum of evidence and supporting information to announce that the earth is flat. Yet when it comes to real, hard-hitting truth, many truth movement members are unwilling to examine the evidence.

Sadly, it just goes to show you how deeply ingrained in the Matrix people really are.