It was all systems go for the city of Houston despite last-minute attempts to disrupt the political transition of power. Super Bowl LI will undoubtedly and inevitably go down as the most memorable NFL championship game ever. Down 25 points in the third quarter, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — who happens to be a supporter of President Donald Trump — engineered a miraculous comeback.

In many ways, the Patriots victory over their opponents, the Atlanta Falcons, was reminiscent of Donald Trump’s own improbable and unprecedented triumph. No team had ever fallen behind by more than 10 points and still won the Super Bowl. If Atlanta had secured just one more first down, the game would have been over. Similarly, no presidential candidate had endured a series of explosive controversies right before the election, and claimed victory.

However, it was the political undertones that threatened to dominate Super Bowl LI. I don’t think it slipped anyone’s mind that golden boy Tom Brady had spoken warmly of his friendship with Donald Trump. Furthermore, the President’s controversial immigration ban sparked an almost counter-revolutionary movement. Prior to Super Bowl LI, a secretive Trump protest was organized.

Utilizing the social media tag “#Resist,” the goal of the Trump protest was clear — do anything and everything to stymie the current and rightful administration. By this logic, the leftist agenda is crystal clear — you have the right to freedom of speech, so long as your speech agrees with mine. Remarkably, the planned Trump protest during Super Bowl LI reveals the delusion of the extreme left, yet they seemingly don’t care.

Lady Gaga, Super Bowl LI

At a certain point, one has to show restraint and accept the transition in power, no matter how personally disagreeable it may be. Surprisingly, one of the best examples of restraint came from Lady Gaga, the Super Bowl LI halftime entertainer. Although an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton, Lady Gaga refused to overtly lecture the general public ala Meryl Streep. Instead, she subtly and artistically articulated her views, at one point singing “This Land is Your Land,” by Woody Guthrie.

Written during the Great Depression as a means to highlight the wealth distribution imbalance of that era, the song is popular among Trump protest movements. In this respect, Lady Gaga is a breath of fresh air. She could have openly denounced Donald Trump as so many of her peers have. Instead, she chose a much more rational form of protest.

I don’t have a problem with that at all. To me, that is the perfect example of freedom of speech. We may not agree on certain issues; however, we can choose to express our views without resorting to ad homonym, or violence, as the immature leftists are prone to commit.