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Since the coronavirus first started generating headlines in January, health experts warned against panic. Indeed, several medical professionals asked us to put the virus into context. Compared to the “regular” flu, the coronavirus has killed far fewer people and infected people at a lower rate. Therefore, the real concern is the annual flu. The coronavirus was unlikely to turn into a pandemic.

At the latest count though – which will surely change for the worse – the coronavirus has infected a total of 102,224, with 3,495 deaths. In all, 97 countries and territories and one international conveyance has at least one case of the disease. Given that the United Nations recognizes 195 sovereign nations, there is more than enough evidence to suggest that the coronavirus is a legitimate pandemic.

To be fair, many officials are calling it as such. Recently, Germany labeled the virus a pandemic and for good reason. The European power went from having the situation contained to now having 670 cases. To put that into perspective, Germany has more coronavirus cases than Japan, which stands at 420. As you know, Japan has wrestled with the disease much longer than the Germans have.

Nowadays, health officials are urging caution, doing everything they can to communicate the seriousness of this disease without calling it a pandemic.

Too little, too late. What government agencies and the media should have done was to sound the alarm much earlier.

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    BS Sweet Talk Amplified the Pandemic

    When the coronavirus was still largely confined in China, President Trump quickly closed the airways to and from the country. Frankly, it was a smart move. But what wasn’t smart was constantly reassuring the American public that the coronavirus was low risk.

    Following last weekend’s press conference where he reiterated that the death toll was zero, the state of Washington soon reported its first death. Later, several more deaths occurred. At time of writing, our nation has 15 deaths, with a Seattle-area hospital reporting new fatalities.

    Again, to put this into perspective, Japan has so far only six deaths despite a lengthier battle with the virus.

    Where I disagreed most with the President was the complacency inherent in his press conferences. Based on everything that we know about the coronavirus, this is a severely infectious disease. In my opinion, it’s better to acknowledge the seriousness of the virus and prepare for the worst; that involves, among other things, shutting down schools, non-essential public services, businesses, airports, anything.

    If the worst doesn’t happen, hey, we at least practiced mobilization protocols for the next microbiological threat. But to me, nothing is worse than assuming the best, only to have circumstances spiral out of control.

    I hope I’m wrong about this. But so far, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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