Besides the constant theater at the White House, one of the most pressing political issues is women in the workforce. Specifically, women’s rights advocates forward the concept of equal pay and the gender gap. And on paper, the concept sounds reasonable.

A great example is U.S. Soccer’s Women’s National Team. Every four years, the individual stars of this team become household names. Within the context of the Women’s World Cup, no other nation has brought home more silverware. Heading into this year’s edition, they’re the defending champions.

However, they’re grossly underpaid relative to men. These lady footballers have adopted the stance that this is a women in the workforce issue; that is, you wouldn’t pay a man twice as much as an equally-qualified woman in any other industry. Why then should soccer be any different?

Taking away the point that the men’s game generates substantially more revenue, another underlying point about this argument exists: men and women are equal. From a political correctness standpoint, this represents a reasonable logic. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly harmful and dangerous for the women who are pushing this agenda.


Women in the Workforce Part of a Larger, Nefarious Scheme

Before I get into the heart of my perspective, I want to clarify one thing: as a general principle, I support women in the workforce. They present valuable economic services and they have an inalienable right to pursue education, and professional skills and experiences.

However, that’s not what the U.S. WNT is talking about, which is an emblematic organization of a greater agenda. Social influencers and political powerbrokers have a vested interest in destroying nations for their personal greed and benefit. In order to accomplish their twisted ambitions, they go after a society’s most treasured prize: its women.

Why is it now that a big push exists to have women serve in military combat roles? What is the motivating factor? Well, for decades, we’ve taught – erroneously – that men and women are the same. Therefore, women should have access to the same roles and responsibilities as men.

Unfortunately, the military industrial complex perpetuated this lie, and we’re just now seeing the consequences. According to, female servicemembers have a much higher infertility rate than civilian women. It’s clear as daylight that encouraging women to pursue the same rigorous exercises as men is demographically suicidal.

By pushing this political correctness onto society, the military is robbing women of their very dignity!

So no, women and men are not the same. These differences, set in place by our Creator, should not be ignored and dismissed. Rather, we should celebrate them, and honor them. Only then can we restore order to this insanity.