Somewhere in the White House, President Trump must be smiling to himself. During the most recent Democratic debate, 12 candidates for the presidency squared off, with most saying absolutely nothing. It was the same old politics, delivered with a familiar and condescending manner.

If this is all that the left has, I can almost assure you of one thing: the upcoming 2020 race is Donald Trump’s to lose.

Unless the President commits political suicide, I see little reason why anyone would vote for any of the top liberal candidates. Aside from Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard, no other candidate has forwarded compelling solutions.

And let’s be real: the Democratic debate was really a showpiece for the left’s shoe-ins. We’re talking names like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. All other candidates need not apply.

Among the three – the trinity of liberalism – not a convincing platform exists. For instance, Warren had ample opportunities to explain her healthcare proposal. On every occasion, she passed, even under fire from her colleagues.

Everyone’s favorite communist, Bernie Sanders, also appeared out of touch with reality. However he wants to market guaranteed federal jobs, ultimately, this is Soviet-style socialism with an American twist.

I can’t even trust the government to deliver the mail properly. How in the world am I supposed to entrust the already bulging federal bureaucracy with a jobs guarantee?


Democratic Debate Badly Exposes Leftist Vulnerabilities

Then we have former Vice President Biden. Personally, I couldn’t care about anything he says. I’m more concerned about his health and overall well-being. Increasingly, Biden appears physically frail and his mental acuity has obviously declined precipitously.

For the sake of his family, and for those who love him, Biden should drop out.

But even if he sticks around, the point is likely moot: it just comes down to whether Trump will thrash a female candidate again or a male one. Although it wasn’t the intended purpose, the Democratic debate badly exposed the liberal side’s vulnerabilities.

Not one of the front-runners have a cohesive plan for the country. And that got me thinking: if you’re afraid to explain such a plan on friendly territory, how are you going to convince the rest of America? Frankly, not everyone in the nation cares about what high-brow elitist liberals at CNN think.

Thus, in a way, the Democratic debate was an early coronation for Trump. While the President doesn’t have a particularly high approval rating, he’s surely better than these alternatives.