With their expected victory in the House of Representatives last year, the Democrats managed to pull off a meaningful victory. In a world where Donald Trump is the President, and where he can seemingly get away with anything, the left finally restored some normalcy in politics.

However, this substantial momentum risks falling apart well before the 2020 presidential elections. Although liberals across the progressive spectrum have united for core issues such as border (in)security, they don’t harmonize on others. Case in point is the recent controversy surrounding Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.

In an unearthed tweet from 2012, Omar blasted Israel and its current administration. Criticism towards the Jewish state is nothing new. But what disturbed many in the public, and rankled fellow lawmakers, is her choice of words. Omar stated:

Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. #Gaza #Palestine #Israel.

Let’s be clear about something: Omar has a right to express her opinions about Israel under our First Amendment. But these words and sentiments represent astounding liabilities, if only that Jews largely support the Democrats.

With freshman lawmakers causing stirs for all the wrong reasons, the left has an uphill battle to climb.


Democrats must Tolerate the Intolerable

Tolerance, like the word “diversity,” has lost its true meaning. No matter how people define these concepts, they both lack a moral trajectory. A tolerant person is no more a insightful descriptor than a diverse person.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they have assigned moral leverage on these terms. Thus, the push for inclusivity within their ranks has created intolerable conditions and circumstances. The same goes for diversity. As an example, not hiring enough minorities is tantamount to outright discrimination.

In other words, the leftists have painted themselves in a corner. This is why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi so far remained relatively quiet on the Omar controversy. If Pelosi aggressively reprimands Omar, she risks alienating the rookie representative, her constituents, and her political base.

But what if she remains silent? Again, this is the course she’s taking, but it’s not without risks. Pelosi will have demonstrated that Jews are not welcome in the Democratic Party if she doesn’t crack the whip.

Eventually, the left’s policies towards immigration will also negatively impact themselves. After all, Latino immigrants to the U.S. predominantly hail from Roman Catholic countries. Logically, they’ll have deep suspicions, perhaps outright hostility towards other non-Christian related religions.

We might be seeing a meltdown in the works. By attempting to please everyone, the Democrats have pleased no one.