In an unusual flurry of activity at the White House, chief strategist Stephen Bannon was removed from the National Security Council by President Trump. Earlier, the Commander-in-chief ordered a missile strike against Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. The military actions occurred while President Trump was hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping at the former’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

If this appears like a “Wag the Dog” event, you’re not alone. Stephen Bannon, the former head of Breitbart News, was a long-time proponent of then-candidate Donald Trump. He, along with other high-level conservatives, worked tirelessly for the Republican frontrunner, navigating political minefields with incredible skill and acumen. While multiple factors converged to give President Trump an unprecedented general election victory, Stephen Bannon inarguably played a major role.

The genius of the controversial figure was that he was able to tap into a conservative undercurrent that was virtually invisible to everyone else. All indications suggested that the nation as a whole was politically leaning towards progressivism. Stephen Bannon completely upended that trend with a fiery brand of conservatism that was unabashedly layered with an anti-globalist agenda.

In fact, much of the mainstream criticism towards President Trump revolved around his support of Bannon — namely, that Bannon was actually the one calling the shots. Indeed, his inclusion into the National Security Council was unusual for a strategist.

However, all that has changed with the alleged White House infighting with Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Instead of being accused of seeking counsel from “extremists,” the latest criticism is nepotism. Contrary to prior presidential administrations, President Trump has enlisted the aid of key members of his family. And there is no one more influential than Jared Kushner.

It serves us well as a reminder that the ultra-powerful, ultra-elitist Kushner family owns the 666 building on 5th Avenue. If that doesn’t raise alarm bells as to the sinister networks at play in world governments, I don’t know what will. More critically, Jared Kushner has raised his profile significantly. No longer seen as the dopey rich kid who married Ivanka Trump, Kushner is now what Stephen Bannon used to be — the shot-caller working behind the scenes.

Directly as a consequence of the National Security Council reshuffling, Jared Kushner will help conduct foreign affairs. How convenient! According to the Los Angeles Times, “In the last month, Kushner has gained increasing influence with Trump on setting Middle East policy and improving relations with China, arguably America’s most important bilateral relationship.”

While the mainstream and even the alternative media outlets eye in on Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the real focus should be on Jared Kushner. The favored son of the elitist family was hobnobbing in Iraq just recently, accompanied by high-ranking military officers. How could someone with no political or military experience be considered qualified to oversee an explosive geopolitical issue like the Middle East?

The answer, of course, is that there is no rational justification. Logically, the only conclusion is that Kushner has a separate agenda that is wholly different from the true, conservative foundation built by Stephen Bannon. With push coming to shove, the Kushner family’s enormous wealth and leverage simply overpowered Bannon and his ardent supporters.

In recent days, many have questioned the about face of President Trump. For example, the Syria strike contradicted Trump’s “America First” ideology. It also put us on a potential warpath with Russia — another direct contradiction from the campaign trail.

Some might be tempted to think that the President is no longer of sound mind. Rest assured, that is not the case. What is happening, though, is far worse. The tentacles of globalism and elitism are permeating throughout the White House. Unfortunately, conservatives can expect more erosion of their political identity unless the elitist mole and his ilk are removed from power.