Anyone alive today knows that things are changing rapidly and faster than at any other time in human history.  Software is replacing manual tasks, creating technological employment and wider margins for multinational corporations.  These changes are making it harder for our youth to enter the labor force.  Technology will create jobs that were not thought of before, and a majority of this unemployment problem is due to central banking.  The Federal Reserve is public enemy number one and more people are understanding this on a daily basis.  Fed policy over the last 100 years has caused distortions and bubbles that have wreaked havoc on millions.  These bubbles have brought generational resource problems, and that will continue until stable money is adopted once again or until populations are decimated.

Dr. Judy Shelton

President Trump recently nominated Dr. Judy Shelton to the Federal Reserve Board.  This is a significant development for the sound money crowd.  Dr. Shelton will bring a different perspective to the Fed, which is surely needed.  Keynesianism has run the economies of the world into the ground.  Either the concentration of wealth moving towards the top was an intended consequence or it wasn’t.  I tend to lean towards the latter. Although many past Fed officials have had varying views on the economy, most of them tend to align their views while at the Fed.  Alan Greenspan, famously known for his positive views on gold, toned down those views at the Fed.  It will be interesting to see if Dr. Shelton’s views will be muted if she makes it all the way to the Fed.  She will only be one voice on a 12-member board, so any changes she advocates would need a lot of traction from the board. 

Negative Bonds

A policy measure that could be implemented that would bring some stability to the bond market has to do with gold.  Year after year, negative-yielding debt continues to set new record highs.  Currently, negative-yielding debt around the world is over $13 trillion.  As an individual investor with no mandates, why would you buy a negative-yielding bond?  An individual investor is loaning money to the government and is guaranteed to have less money returned at a point in the future when the bond matures.  Not only is the investor taking on risk of a government defaulting, but also of losing money.  We all know about managed markets, but when governments work with Wall Street to move funds earmarked for stocks into bonds just to keep bond markets afloat, there is a sense of urgency.  Governments are desperate for low rates to keep expenses manageable, but we are getting to the point of no return, which is where Dr. Shelton’s idea comes into play.

Gold-Backed Bond

A gold convertible bond would help add some stability to the bond market.  As an investor, knowing that I can redeem it for cash or gold when the bond matures is crucial.  Knowing that, investors will regain confidence in the financial system.  The full faith and credit of the government is only good if you know you are going to get your money back.  Right now, that question is not answered.  Gold would help stabilize interest rates, the bond market, devalue the dollar, and help citizens regain their purchasing power for assets needed for a normal life.

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