The mainstream media has never represented truth and integrity since the dawn of modernity. That negative assessment increased exponentially during the run up to, and amid the Trump administration. However, rational thinkers across the political spectrum could generally rely upon Fox News and their so-called “fair and balanced” approach.

But as the political vitriol heats up, Fox News has steadily shifted away from its conservative journalistic core. A prime example is Hannity, which in its previous form broadcasted well-constructed right-leaning rebuttals to the liberal agenda. Now, Hannity has become a state-run propaganda arm. If Fox’s head honchos could, they’d grandstand host Sean Hannity at every Trump rally.

Furthermore, it’s no longer just conspicuous anomalies drawing attention at Fox News. Recently, the company’s morning show Fox & Friends attempted a rather sad diversion tactic on the Michael Flynn saga. Under FBI investigation, the former National Security Advisor admitted lying to federal officials about his ties to the Russian government.

Even more shockingly, the investigation revealed that Turkey employed Flynn as a paid lobbyist while he served the Trump administration.

Without Republican rose-tinted glasses, the evidence against Flynn and other high-level White House officials appear demining. But that’s not the Fox News way. Instead, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade questioned why the government failed to charge Jane Fonda under the Logan Act.

Is he being serious?


Fox News has Lost the Plot

The U.S. enacted the Logan Act on January 30th, 1799. The law penalizes “unauthorized persons” who negotiate with foreign governments that have a dispute with the U.S.

Under the language of the law, the Logan Act could apply to anyone. Theoretically, therefore, the government could press charges against Fonda. However, they will not do so because the Act necessarily implies persons with governmental influence or power.

What Fonda did, parading around North Vietnam during the war, and allowing the communists to use her as a propaganda tool was utterly despicable. She has paid a dear price, even to this day. However, she did not violate the Logan Act. She had literally no power to impart any governmental influence.

On the other hand, Michael Flynn had ample opportunities to secure unauthorized deals. As a National Security Advisor, he had high-level connections with both Russia and Turkey. The U.S. has disputes with both nations, particularly geopolitics in the Middle East.

Even with this, I don’t think enough evidence exists to charge Flynn with a Logan Act violation. But that being the case, no basis exists for even mentioning Jane Fonda! That Fox News did so without retraction nor apology suggests we have no journalistic integrity at any mainstream outlet.