Global Unrest is Underway Amid Net Zero Autocracy - Part 2

Massive protests are erupting across all of Europe due to out-of-control inflation, net-zero green energy policy, NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine, and the European Union’s sanction policies against Russia that’s thrown an energy crisis and Dark Age (Twitter thread) winter into Europe’s lap this year. The E.U. is on the brink of deindustrialization, and Michael Yon provides the latest intel about BASF’s plan to downsize its 10-square-kilometer conglomeration of chemical and fertilizer production facilities in Germany in a must-listen-to interview at the end of today’s missive. Here is an excerpt from Part 1 with updated hyperlinks to recent articles and reports:

“The world may be preoccupied with the threat of WWIII (thread) due to a proxy war in Ukraine between Russia, NATO, and the United States, but unrest is growing among common men and women who were already under duress and threatening revolt due to the confluence of ‘Rape of the Mind,’ pandemic tyranny, the supply chain crisis (thread), a recession (thread), threats of global energy and diesel fuel shortages (thread) in the U.S., economic turmoil, rampant inflation, greenie dystopia, and food insecurity leading to global famine. As the U.S. returns to the daily grind of survival after a Declaration of Independence holiday weekend, an excerpt from that declaration needs repeating for the Great Reset and greenie cultists… ‘But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.’” – TraderStef, Jul. 6

The last few weeks have not been kind to greenies, members of “The Squad,” or their Democrat-socialist cohorts while visiting constituents at town hall meetings before midterm elections cancel their Capitol Hill majority next week. Recent polls taken by left-leaning legacy media unequivocally found that their sheep are not happy, and they plan to vote Republicans back into the driver’s seat. Last week, it was reported that The Squad initially urged Biden to negotiate a ceasefire in Ukraine but mysteriously retracted their request the next day following a “heated debate within the Democratic party.” Chuck and Nancy must have wagged their doggy fingers.

AOC Heckled Over Supporting Ukraine War – Toronto Sun, Oct. 14


Ilhan Omar Heckled and Gaslights Constituents – Brietbart, Oct. 27


Obama Heckled at Rally in Michigan – Imagine, Oct. 30


Americans now owe nearly $1 trillion in revolving debt as inflation-slammed consumers keep piling on more credit card debt, personal savings are back to levels not seen since the Great Financial Crisis, 50% have given up saving for retirement because of inflation, consumer inflation is in the upper teens when using the original formula from the ‘90s, the American Dream for first-time homebuyers has become a myth since few can afford the prices, and consumer sentiment remains in record-low territory.

“It’s the economy, stupid.” – James Carville, 1992

Consumer Inflation - Official vs. ShadowStats as of Sep. 2022

Almost 8 Out Of 10 Americans Say Things Are “Out of Control”… “A new CBS News Battleground Tracker/YouGov poll has found that a whopping 79% of Americans believe the country is ‘out of control’ ahead of the midterm elections. Just 21% responded to the say that they feel things are ‘under control,’ and when that 79% were asked which party they will vote for a majority of 58% said Republican… The poll also found that 73% believe things are ‘going badly’ with 42% saying ‘very badly,’ and just 26% saying things are ‘going well,’ with 6% saying ‘very well’ (what are they smoking?).” – Summit News, Oct. 31

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U.S. Consumer Sentiment Oct. 2022

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Data via Univ. of Michigan


U.S. Personal Savings Rate in Billions 2020 to Oct. 2022 - FRED

U.S. Personal Savings in Billions, 2000 to Oct. 2022 – FRED


U.S. Personal Savings Rate of Change vs. Credit Card-Revolving Debt

U.S. Personal Savings % Rate of Change vs. Total Revolving Debt – FRED


In “A Dark Age Winter of Discontent in Europe” Part 3, I noted the imminent deindustrialization of Europe in the following excerpt:

The industrial base in Europe is taking a brutal beating that will severely impact everything that originates in the manufacturing sector, including jobs, consumer products, base metals, and the energy grid. Europe’s top steel plants are scaling back operations or closing up shop, and the world’s largest steelmaker, ArcelorMittal, released a statement in early September that it’s shutting down two plants and idling one. ArcelorMittal blamed smelter shutdowns on ‘the exorbitant rise in energy prices and weak market demand and a negative economic outlook’ as energy hyperinflation sends Europe into a deep recession. Europe’s largest aluminum smelter must reduce production by 22% due to soaring power prices, threatening the industry’s existence.” – TraderStef

Tens of thousands of plebeians are marching in major cities across all of Europe because they’ve experienced enough blowback from sanctions against Russia and no longer support NATO’s war agenda in Ukraine. Eurozone policies have backfired into an economic catastrophe that’s just begun and is ruining households and businesses with exorbitant inflation and failures in the supply chain for energy and consumer goods. The latest data from the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP), which measures European consumer price inflation by tracking the prices of goods and services, is spiking well into double-digits. As of Oct. 19, 2022, European data had a range of 6.2% to 24.1% depending on the country. Below is an interactive chart for reference.

HICP Inflation in the Euro Area as of Oct. 19, 2022

A link garden is available where you can view numerous videos of the massive protest taking place in Europe that U.S. legacy media is not headlining. I suspect that as economic conditions continue to worsen in the near future, the protests will become larger, more widespread, and more violent until the politicos pivot.

Romanian Defense Minister Resigns Over Comments On Ukraine Needing To Negotiate On War… “Vasile Dincu has resigned after being criticized by the president and prime minister for a statement he made that Ukraine’s only chance to end the war was to negotiate with Russia… ‘My gesture (resignation) comes as it is impossible to cooperate with the Romanian president, the army’s commander-in-chief,’ Dincu said in the post. ‘I think my withdrawal from the post is necessary so as to not harm decisions and programs which require fluid command chains and to not block a series of projects which are absolutely necessary for…the ministry and the army.’” – RadioFreeEurope, Oct. 24


Discontent Rises in Europe as Economic War With Russia Pushes Up Cost of Living… “‘This is merely the silence before the storm—the discontent is great, and people do not have any sense that the government has a plausible strategy to master the crisis,’ said Manfred Güllner, head of Forsa, a pollster.” WSJ, Oct. 27

Mass Protests in Europe Over Inflation, EU Policy, NATO War – DNA, Oct. 13


As promised, here is info from Michael Yon and his recent interview:

Europe Dies without BASF… “This is the biggest, most consequential news on Earth today, yet only a tiny handful of people see it. Masako and I were at BASF in Ludwigshafen 2x this year warning about the collapse of the Verbund. Warning this was coming. ‘Verbund’ is a word invented by BASF to describe their amazingly complex 10 square kilometer plant. The incredibly interwoven chemical/industrial fabric — you must see it to believe it. According to BASF, they cannot just shut down the plant without killing it. Like shutting down a human body. After you reach a certain point, it’s just a moldering. I’ve said on at least a hundred interviews — watch BASF. When BASF dies, Europe dies. The green energy bullshit. The global warming bullshit. Stolen elections. The incredibly stupid ‘Ukraine’ war. The death jabs. No borders. Billions of people will starve/perish from this and related collapse. This is Gigacide.” – Michael Yon, Oct. 28

Michael Yon sounds alarm over BASF shuttering operations, causing catastrophic supply chain collapse – Health Ranger Report, Oct. 28


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