The case is Peruta v. California, and if the Supreme Court decides to hear the case, it will determine whether or not there is a constitutional right to conceal carry guns in public places.

On April 25th, Judge Gorsuch, along with the other Justices, will decide if they should hear Peruta v. California, which is a legal challenge to San Diego County’s concealed carry permitting system.  California is a “may-issue” state, which means that the county sheriff’s office determines who gets a permit. In San Diego County, a permit may be issued if the applicant can meet these criteria: the applicant is of good moral character, the applicant demonstrates good cause for the issuance of the license, and the applicant presents proof of residency within San Diego County.

California is only one of nine states that have a “may-issue” law. Most states have “shall-issue” laws, which mean that law enforcement has no role in determining whether or not an applicant can receive a permit – if you meet the requirements for a permit, you will be given one. What Mr. Peruta is arguing is that the Second Amendment protects the right of a citizen to carry a firearm in public for self-defense and that the “good cause” standard is too restrictive. Fearing for one’s safety is not considered “good cause,” and it gives law enforcement the potential to not issue a concealed permit to the general public.

If heard by the court, with the addition of Gorsuch, it has a good chance to be passed. This is one of the many upcoming cases Judge Gorsuch is going to be key in deciding. With a 5-4 majority now on the court and with an originalist judge that adheres to the Constitution, the Second Amendment, which allows the right to bear arms for American citizens, should be protected for the foreseeable future.  

The securing of a majority on the Court was one of — if not the — biggest victories the Right received on election night. It was one of the reasons why many social conservatives came out in droves for Trump. Hilary had made it clear that if she had won, she would push for major gun control legislation and many other socially progressive ideas. Her defeat stopped the liberal agenda in its tracks, and now Gorsuch will play a huge role in thwarting liberal, activist judges as they continue to try and undermine the Constitution.