School shootings and other acts of horrific gun violence are tragically becoming all too mundane affairs. Of course, such unspeakable crimes are never mundane for those affected – and the politicians that seek to exploit tragedies for personal and professional gain.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Valentine’s Day massacre was one of many school shootings in our nation’s history. Seemingly, each one is more macabre and disturbing than the next. However, the mainstream media is quick to point out a recurring motif and a conclusion: without guns, there would be no gun violence.

Of course, this is a true statement, but one that is fundamentally ridiculous. Without cars, we wouldn’t suffer automobile accidents. Without computers, fewer people would get carpal tunnel syndrome. And without people, we wouldn’t have wars. Of course, our society wouldn’t be the same without the advancements humanity has made, so we take the good with the bad.

But the notion that we should eliminate or severely restrict the Second Amendment gains momentum because of the assumption that firearms serve no purpose other than to kill people.

This hypothesis is faulty for a number of reasons, but primarily due to the fact that gun violence detracts from the real issue. We do not have a “firearm problem” – no gun in history ever grew legs, pulled its own trigger, and committed school shootings.

What we have is a human problem. We no longer value the traditional principles of a nuclear family, of gender differences and roles, and respect for our elders. Instead, we teach our young self-absorption and to have pride, no matter how wrong they are or faulty their thinking. Everyone wins a trophy, irrespective of performance.

In this morally whimsical environment, it’s no wonder that some people snap, and act out in horrific ways. We don’t teach our kids responsibility, and consequences for their actions. Again, we give them accolades because not doing so would “hurt their feelings.”

Frankly speaking, the uproar against the Second Amendment is purely based on emotions. And liberal Democrats, who have been riding on these emotions and nothing else, have taken advantage, calling for stricter firearms controls to combat gun violence and school shootings.

This is nothing more than noise. People will scream until their lungs turn blue, but at the end of the day, firearms represent good business. Even in virtually communist states like California, extreme gun control measures would never work. Why? Because Californians buy guns by the millions.

The reality is that killing guns mean killing the economy. While states like California and New York can absorb absurd laws, not all states are equal. Making even one industry illegal could have unforeseen and severe consequences.

Gun control? Yeah, right! It’s time for liberals and progressives to start addressing the heart of the matter.